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Designing OONI UI

OONI detects censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation on the internet.

Currently, there is no web or mobile interface for OONI probe. There is a command line interface for Linux users.

The scope of this project is to design the interfaces for a web and mobile interface for OONI probe.


  • Arturo, OONI Team
  • Linda, UX Team
  • Ardash, contracted
  • Maria, OONI Team


  • Nov 2016: scoping the project, hiring Ardash, identifying deliverables
  • Dec 2016: usability audit, identifying user personas, designing features, interviewing users
  • Jan 2016: deliver a web and mobile UI with appropriate changes

A more detailed timeline is kept and updated here.


  • Web and mobile interfaces that allow users to run tests, view test results, and schedule tests.
  • Cohesiveness between web and mobile interfaces.
  • Communicate risk appropriately to users.

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