Blog Comment Policy (For Moderators)

Tor's community relies on blog comments to get in touch with us. Having clear comment rules gives our blog readers the best possible experience. Clear comment rules also help moderators to be reliable and consistent as they help to facilitate the conversation.


  • The author of the blog post is responsible for making sure that comments are being moderated and answered. Moderation may be delegated.
  • The author of the blog post can disable comments on a post.
  • The user advocate also monitors blog comments for user issues. They will tell the blog post author if blog comments are not answered. But the author must ask for help answering blog comments if they need it.
  • On the day the blog post is published, the author (or another helper) should be checking the comments every few hours. In the following days, they should check at least once a day, on regular workdays.


  • Blog comment moderation must first follow the Tor Project Code of Conduct. Comments that violate the Code of Conduct should be deleted.
  • Approved comments must be on-topic and relate to something written in the post. For example, if a comment asks about funding, on a blog post which isn't about funding, then that comment should be deleted.
  • If a comment asks general questions about Tor, or support questions, the blog post author can delete them, or approve and answer them.
  • Sometimes the text in a comment may relate to the post, but the comment also has a spam link. These comments should be deleted.
  • Action must be taken on all comments. Each comment should be approved or deleted. If you aren't sure whether a comment should be approved or deleted, you can ask the user advocate for advice.
  • If a comment is in a language that the blog author does not understand, they should use an online translator for help. You can respond to comments in the language used in the comment, or the language used in the post.

Expiration on Comments

  • Comments should be monitored for at least two weeks after the post is published. The author can leave comments open longer, as long as they are monitored.
  • When the author stops monitoring comments, they must disable comments on the post. (Please resolve any pending comments on the post first, so they don't get trapped in limbo when you disable comments.)


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