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Amazon CloudFront.


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    6060The cost is $0.12 per gigabyte, with 1 gigabyte free each day. There are other potential ancillary costs, having to do with things like how often your app is reloaded.
     62=== Amazon CloudFront ===
     65$ wget -O - -q | grep -io '<title>.*</title>'
     66<title>Trello CDN Test Page</title>
     67$ wget -O - -q | grep -io '<title>.*</title>'
     68<title>Goodreads - Page Not Found</title>
     69$ wget -O - -q --header 'Host:' | grep -io '<title>.*</title>'
     70<title>Trello CDN Test Page</title>
     73[ CloudFront] is a CDN. Your files are hosted on a generated domain name that looks like All these domains [ support HTTPS] with a wildcard cert for *, and they can front for each other.
     75There is a [ free tier], good for a year, that limits you to 50 GB per month. [ Per-request pricing] differs by client country. Per-gigabyte costs go down the more you transfer, with a maximum of $0.19 per gigabyte. Bandwidth costs to the origin server (i.e., the Tor bridge) are lower. There's an additional cost of about $0.01 per 10,000 requests.
     77CloudFront allows you to use your own TLS domain name for an extra charge, but that appears to put you on a certificate with a bunch of shared SANs, which can't be front for domains on different certificates.
     79There's a question of what to use as the front domain. Any particular * name could be individually blockable. The generic names and don't resolve.
    6281== Using nginx instead of Google App Engine/PHP/etc ==