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metrics-lib Development

This is a living and changing document to accompany maintenance and development of metrics-lib (git).

Areas of Work

Codebase Maintenance

Codebase maintenance is concerns with the reduction of potential or actual bugs, the modernization of the codebase, improvement by simplifying and making the codebase more modular.

  • comply to guidelines (add more tests)
  • refactor the modules and avoid lengthy C-style code

Additional Functionality

  • support shared randomness #19634
  • ...

API Development

Design Improvements

  • create descriptor generator for testing #18797
  • improve error handling and provide logging framework #19643 and #16225
  • review interface hierarchy #19640
  • provide access to index.json on CollecTor (cf. #19791)


All metrics-lib releases can be downloaded here.

Next Release 1.5.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
#20039 integrate `DescriptorIndexCollector` in a fully backward-compatible way Normal
#20320 Avoid running into an IOException and logging a warning for it Normal
#20334 explicitly log, which implementation is served by DescriptorSourceFactory Normal
#20404 DescriptorIndexCollector should be default implementation Normal

Release 2.0.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
#21932 Stop relying on the platform's default charset Normal
#22154 Remove code that was deprecated in the 1.x series Normal
#22476 Replace ImplementationNotAccessibleException with RuntimeException Normal
#22732 adapt metrics-lib official name to Tor Metrics Library Normal
#22734 update metrics-lib examples Normal

Past Releases

Version 1.4.0 released 2016-08-31

Ticket Summary Severity
#19643 use slf4j in metrics-lib (aka DescripTor) instead of System.err or printStackTrace Normal
#19791 Use CollecTor's index.json for download ('''Alpha''' version); adapt current download to use new date format Normal
#19893 Include resources in tarball Normal

All Tasks

All Metrics tickets active and completed.

Active Tasks

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Completed Tasks

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