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Metrics Development

This is a living and changing document to accompany maintenance and development of Metrics' back-end development.

The web re-design is a complex tasks that will have its own wiki page once it is started.

Areas of Work

Codebase Maintenance

This paragraph is about regular maintenance of the Metrics code base.

  • comply to guidelines (see #19614)
  • add tests and increase coverage
  • update to Java 7 in all subprojects (#19730)

Additional Functionality

(TODO: description)

Design Improvements

Currently, Metrics is put together from various modules and requires a separate Tomcat installation for deployment. This could be simplified/streamlined with the following steps in no particular order:

  • Define a new project structure, which keeps the modular structure, but unifies the build process and reduces redundant definitions.
  • Use an embedded Jetty as in Onionoo.
  • Replace ant run tasks by executable jars etc.
  • Combine and restructure R and SQL scripts/files where possible.
  • Find a way to add tests for R functionality.
  • Also create tests for database functions.
  • ...


First Release 1.0.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
#19540 Update libraries and instructions to current Debian stable Normal
#19544 Add graph on bridge users by country and transport Normal
#19614 metrics-web should confirm to style guide Normal
#20311 Remove redirects and update error page Normal
#20053 Plan refactoring of metrics-web modules Normal

Release 2.0.0

Release date: tbd

Ticket Summary Severity
#19620 all metrics-web java projects should use java 8 Normal

All Tasks

All Metrics tickets active and completed.

Active Tasks

Ticket Summary Status Priority Severity Reporter Modified
No tickets found

Completed Tasks

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