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Reporting an Issue

Found an issue with Nyx? Please report issues by doing the following...

  • Check below to see if it already has a ticket.
  • Login to trac. If you don't already have an account then you can either make one with the "Register" link to the upper right or login anonymously with...
    • username: cypherpunks
    • password: writecode
  • File a new ticket. The only fields you'll need are...
    • Summary: short description of the issue
    • Description: details of what is going wrong
    • Type: 'defect' if this is a bug fix and 'enhancement' otherwise
    • Priority: rough guess at the priority of your change
    • Component: Core Tor => Nyx
    • Keyword: We use the keyword field as a subtype. Feel free to leave this blank. If you do fill it in, then use one of the following...
      • header - top part of the interface showing the nickname, cpu usage, etc
      • graph - related to the bandwidth graph
      • log - related to the log panel
      • connections - related to the connection panel
      • config - related to the configuration editor
      • torrc - related to the torrc panel
      • menu - drop-down menus
      • curses - low level terminal rendering

Open Bugs

Ticket Summary Status Priority Keywords
#28498 Unable to refresh connection circuit new High Connection
#4281 Usage popup not unique clients new Low connections
#5186 Show streams on circuits new High connections
#14979 Option to close circuit new Low connections
#18547 Add hostnames and geoip to connection panel new High connections
#5835 getstr() doesn't support the delete key new Low curses
#16431 Arm Graph in Putty is Black new Medium curses
#18540 Detect when ACS doesn't work new Very High curses
#18694 Native Windows Support new High curses
#6467 Dialog explaining flags new Low header
#18991 Use HIBERNATION_STATUS in header panel new Very Low header
#24288 install process does not include man page new Low manual, configuration
#25970 Can not start nyx in a Raspberry pi 3 new Immediate nyx,
#26099 Missing dependency 'python3-distutils' for 'nyx' package from for bionic new Medium packaging, dependency
#28299 Custom colors for Nyx and tor-prompt are needed needs_information Medium tor-prompt
#18708 Welcome page new Medium
#24958 Log about DisableDebuggerAttachment new Medium
#24959 Redact HashedControlPassword logging new Medium
#25453 When I start nyx in small terminal then I expand the terminal window and the "cpu %" disappears needs_information Medium
#25704 Nyx unavailable on needs_information Medium
#25890 add instructions for running nyx safely to the FAQ needs_information Medium
#27321 incorrect bw calculation during initial startup needs_information Medium
#27475 Scrub connection info for any non-relay new Medium
#27517 ./run_nyx shows stem's debug output new Medium
#28078 nyx hangs (sometimes) when tor process vanishes needs_information Medium
#28153 Nyx memory leaks needs_information Medium
#28295 Non-interactive way to supply ControlPort password for nyx and tor-prompt is needed assigned Medium
#28296 Nyx shows wrong IP address for ControlPort connection needs_information Medium
#28297 Control interpreter in nyx does not do line splitting assigned Medium
#28334 Nyx configurashion editor does not work with options' values properly assigned Medium

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