Change History for doc/packages

Version Date Author Comment
61 4 days atagar Nyx now has a debian package (yay!).
60 4 days atagar Fix alignment for nyx osx entry.
59 4 days atagar Add new osx homebrew.
58 7 days atagar Bump a torsocks and ooni probe package version.
57 11 days atagar Drop suffix from txtorcon archlinux version.
56 11 days atagar Fix label for a nyx entry.
55 11 days atagar Drop the homebrew note. It widened the table a little extra, and is …
54 12 days nicoo
53 2 weeks gman999 updated to 2.2.0 in -current 20180129
52 3 weeks atagar Bump ArchLinux tor version.
51 3 weeks meejah
50 5 weeks Dbryrtfbcbhgf Updated Debian nyx pending link, old one went 404
49 5 weeks atagar Bump debian and gentoo tor version.
48 5 weeks atagar Add a Windows package teor pointed out.
47 5 weeks atagar Bump updated tor versions.
46 6 weeks atagar Bump OSX and NetBSD tor versions. First ones out of the starting gate. :P
45 8 weeks atagar Link to Nyx's Fedora page. Their site has been having longstanding …
44 8 weeks atagar Fix formatting. Forgot we couldn't use html outside the above block.
43 8 weeks atagar Move Android and iOS packages to a footnote. Good things to list, but …
42 8 weeks atagar Drop windows. Only entry was again for our download page.
41 8 weeks atagar Drop tor browser. This is a wiki for packages in the debian, gentoo, …
40 2 months teor Remove Tor Browser alternatives, because they're not Tor Browser
39 2 months teor Get OnionBrowser and Orfox around the right way
38 2 months teor Add ooniprobe mobile platforms
37 2 months teor Fix OpenBSD Tor Browser maintainer
36 2 months teor Add Windows Tor Expert Bundle
35 2 months teor Add Tor Browser, ports, and alternatives line
34 2 months teor Add Windows, iOS, and Android to the OSs in the packages list (#24548)
33 2 months teor No, this really is how Apple spells it:
32 2 months atagar Update slackware tor version.
31 2 months atagar Capitalize for consistency.
30 2 months atagar Bump gentoo and arch linux tor version.
29 3 months teor Add the final missing column to txtorcon
28 3 months teor macOS is the new OS X, which used to be Mac OS X, which used to be Mac OS
27 3 months atagar Update fedora tor package.
26 3 months reezer update MacOS verssion to
25 3 months reezer change NetBSD link to
24 3 months reezer update NetBSD version
23 3 months atagar Update tor package versions.
22 3 months atagar Mistakenly still bolded nyx's fedora version.
21 3 months atagar Nyx is available on Fedora, but site is having some issues.
20 3 months atagar Minor tweak so table's higher.
19 3 months atagar Slackware package of txtorcon has been updated.
18 3 months atagar Fix alignment for things we can't list a maintainer for.
17 3 months atagar Add torsocks netbsd package in the test repository.
16 3 months atagar Add homebrew to table.
15 3 months atagar Great point from irl that we've got a netbsd package.
14 3 months atagar Drop 'Packages' subsection header.
13 3 months atagar Combine the package and maintainer tables.
12 3 months atagar Fix packager table html.
11 3 months atagar Replace packager table.
10 3 months atagar Add ooniprobe to the package table.
9 3 months atagar Add txtorcon to the package table.
8 3 months atagar Drop link for torsocks (it doesn't have a page).
7 3 months atagar Add torsocks to the package table.
6 3 months atagar Add tor itself to the package table.
5 3 months atagar s/Maintainer/Upstream Maintainer
4 3 months atagar Stub initial maintainers table. Not happy with it yet, but spot to start.
3 3 months atagar Add nyx to the package table.
2 3 months atagar Initial package table. Starting with stem to fiddle with the format.
1 3 months atagar Initial wiki header.