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Tor Workaround Deprecations

Often it's easier and far more expedient to work around tor issues in stem rather than tor itself. However, in the long run it's better if we can fix issues in tor as well, then deprecate our workarounds after the fix has been widely deployed.

Stem's support policy is to keep workarounds until it is both only needed on relays flagged as being 'obsolete' and those relays compose less than 10% of the consensus. (note: we might need to change this figure if it's unrealistic - I haven't checked yet)

Bug Description Fix Fixed Version
Relative auth cookie paths 4e14ce4

Release Notes

Below is a checklist for releases...

  • Recache latest information ( and
  • Tag the release
    • Bump stem's version (in stem/ and docs/index.rst).
    • git commit -a -m "Stem release 1.0.0"
    • git tag -u 9ABBEEC6 -m "stem release 1.0.0" 1.0.0 d0bb81a
    • git push --tags
  • Dry-run release on PyPI
    • python sdist
    • gpg --detach-sig --armor dist/stem-dry-run-1.0.0.tar.gz
    • twine upload dist/*
    • Check that stem-dry-run looks correct, comparing it to stem's page.
  • Final release
    • rm dist/*
    • Change the's DRY_RUN flag to false.
    • python sdist
    • gpg --detach-sig --armor dist/stem-1.0.0.tar.gz
    • twine upload dist/*
  • Contact package maintainers
  • Announce the release (example)
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