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Add the unactionable keyword

Stem Bug Tracker

Reporting an Issue

Found an issue with Stem? Please report issues by doing the following...

  • Check below to see if it already has a ticket.
  • Login to trac. If you don't already have an account then you can either make one with the "Register" link to the upper right or login anonymously with...
    • username: cypherpunks
    • password: writecode
  • File a new ticket. The only fields you'll need are...
    • Summary: short description of the issue
    • Description: details of what is going wrong
    • Type: 'defect' if this is a bug fix and 'enhancement' otherwise
    • Priority: rough guess at the priority of your change
    • Component: Core Tor => Stem
    • Keyword: We use the keyword field as a subtype. Feel free to leave this blank. If you do fill it in, then use one of the following...
      • controller - functionality as a controller library
      • descriptor - descriptor parsing or handling
      • client - tor's ORPort protocol
      • dev - generally related to developers/development
      • code-improvement - a general code improvement that may not have an immediate impact; examples: refactoring, style changes, removing dead code
      • testing - unit or integration testing
      • website - issue with the documentation or our general website
      • packaging - packages we distribute
      • easy - beginner friendly task
      • project - initiative requires a large amount of work
      • unactionable - no action can be taken in the near future / stem is waiting on something else

Open Bugs

Ticket Summary Status Priority Keywords
#8248 Incremental descriptor queries new Medium controller project
#22627 asyncio controller new Medium controller project
#16348 Suppress exception chaining when PEP 3134 is merged accepted Low controller unactionable
#28921 tor-prompt command 'GETINFO desc/all-recent > /dev/null' fails needs_information Medium descriptor
#8252 Metrics-lib functionality new Medium descriptor project
#17979 CollecTor downloader module new High descriptor project
#23059 Try Rust Descriptor Parsing new Medium descriptor project
#26902 Download and parse bwauth files needs_information Medium descriptor, tor-bwauth
#30359 Stem PEP8 compliant new Low dev
#20500 Distribute as a wheel new Low packaging
#15999 End-to-end integ test for hidden service new Low testing
#25611 Integ test for MAPADDRESS new Low testing
#27479 Integ failure with ss new Medium testing
#26822 Investigate relying on tox's default install capabilities instead of an explicit command new Low testing code-improvement
#15701 Use 'GETINFO status/fresh-relay-descs' in tests new Medium testing easy
#25632 Improve stem torrc logging options for integration testing new Medium testing easy
#29437 test-stem times out intermittently assigned Medium tor-ci-fail-sometimes
#23057 Sockstat connection resolution unreliable new Low utils
#7632 Module overview interlinking new High website
#8780 Support additional nesting in nav menu new Medium website
#10522 Client usage tutorial incompatable with some SocksiPy versions new Low website
#15260 Banner for tutorials reopened Low website easy
#19679 Collapsible FAQ items new Low website easy
#13910 Try using Coveralls new Low website testing dev
#30453 Failing tests on travis ci needs_information Low