Change History for doc/stem

Version Date Author Comment
102 3 years atagar Removing page. Trac deletions are irreversable so just gonna blank it …
101 3 years atagar Drop workaround section. Removed the only thing listed here, and this …
100 4 years atagar
99 4 years atagar Dry-run release instructions. Still don't have the damn thing fully …
98 4 years atagar Update release upload instructions. Still not quite right but now …
97 4 years atagar Stem now caches some information. Include updating this in our release …
96 5 years atagar ... damnit. Use the tag rather than master with 'git archive'.
95 5 years Sebastian
94 5 years atagar Adding jenkins to our list of links.
93 6 years atagar Dropping remote descriptor fetching design docs. That feature was …
92 6 years atagar Noting that we need to update the version in a couple spots during …
91 7 years atagar Updating release instructions
90 7 years atagar Including a method for parallelization (idea by karsten)
89 7 years atagar More suggestions from Karsten.
88 7 years atagar Adding a compression option suggested by Karsten.
87 7 years atagar Draft for a remote descriptor fetching API.
86 7 years atagar Moving most of our content to stem's new faq
85 7 years atagar Adding a checklist for stem releases
84 7 years atagar Revising the "Getting Started" section now that we no longer have the …
83 7 years atagar Finish dropping the 'Development Tasks' section. The examples are …
82 7 years atagar Moved the 'Clients' section to tickets
81 7 years atagar Dropping the PathSupport project. We don't really even have a design …
80 7 years atagar Moved the remaining metrics-lib tasks to #8252
79 7 years atagar Dropping improvements section in favor of tickets.
78 7 years atagar Dropping the arm migration. It's done.
77 7 years atagar Adding tor weather to the migration list.
76 7 years atagar Dropping the TorCtl facade. It's no longer something that I'm …
75 7 years atagar Revising stem's site
74 7 years atagar Unquoted getconf responses will likely be a spec change, so there's …
73 7 years atagar Removing the general controller class project - its done :)
72 7 years atagar Flagging server verification as being done
71 8 years atagar The first couple items for the descriptor methods are done, so …
70 8 years atagar Our read-the-docs page is now our main site, not just the docs
69 8 years atagar Updating the link for our bug tracker
68 8 years atagar Dropping the bugs section. We now have a bugs page which we'll link …
67 8 years atagar Correcting the usability section header since we now have a site
66 8 years atagar Removing a couple todo items that I've completed
65 8 years atagar Just pushed support for network status documents
64 8 years atagar Adding an idea by nickm and me for periodically testing tor with stem
63 8 years atagar Including a listing of open stem tickets within the page (I should …
62 8 years atagar Adding a link for the bug tracker
61 8 years atagar Adding some links at the top of the page, and dropping the doc …
60 8 years atagar Lots of revisions, mostly with stuff from the "Tor Volunteer" I sent …
59 8 years neena Marking certain controller stuff as done. Linking to a couple o' tickets.
58 8 years gsathya add pyonionoo tracking ticket
57 8 years atagar ExitPolicy class is done
56 8 years atagar Tried a newer version of pylint and this issue went away
55 8 years atagar Removing the proc testing task since the Wesleyan students did it
54 8 years atagar Removing the windows compatability task since Beck has fixed those issues
53 8 years atagar Adding task for investigating sphinx warnings
52 8 years atagar Adding client usage examples as a task (thanks to a comment by naif on irc)
51 8 years karsten Add Onionoo's design document as a possible starting point for porting …
50 8 years neena Add workaround for unquoted GETCONF responses.
49 8 years gsathya remove dibs section
48 8 years gsathya need more time for exit_policy
47 8 years atagar Removing safecookie since Ravi and I finished it
46 8 years reganeet
45 8 years neena Add general controller class subtasks
44 8 years karsten Update metrics-lib part of stem
43 8 years atagar Finishing overhaul (there wasn't much left)
42 8 years atagar Updating stem related projects. This is still a work in progress.
41 8 years atagar Adding pylint investigation to todo list
40 8 years atagar Turns out that TorBEL doesn't use PathSupport
39 8 years atagar Removing chroot integ task, I pushed it
38 8 years atagar Removing dibs entry for SafeCookie, Reavi plans to work on it
37 8 years atagar Removing a completed bugfix
36 8 years atagar Revising suggestion as per input form Wendy
35 8 years Sebastian
34 8 years atagar Forgot to spell check
33 8 years atagar Adding ticket for the runner concurrency issue
32 8 years gsathya
31 8 years atagar Adding the exit policy todo item
30 8 years gsathya got sidetracked by exams, need a little more time
29 8 years atagar Adding idea for running the integ tests in parallel (from the dev …
28 8 years atagar Adding the safe cookie implementation task
27 8 years atagar Dropping a couple expired dibs entries so it's clear they're available
26 8 years atagar Adding link for PathSupport project to the volunteer page
25 8 years gsathya
24 8 years atagar Removing a bug that neena fixed
23 8 years atagar Citing a ticket neena opened for one of the issues
22 8 years atagar Changes in 4913 were merged and all the config todo items are done
21 8 years atagar I pushed multi-line support earlier today
20 8 years atagar Removing the --no-color task (just pushed it)
19 8 years gsathya
18 8 years gsathya
17 8 years gsathya
16 8 years gsathya
15 8 years gsathya
14 8 years gsathya
13 8 years atagar Added stem to the volunteer table, removing the entry
12 8 years atagar Relative auth cookie fix was pushed, noting when it'll be available
11 8 years atagar New ticket tracking the relative auth cookie issue
10 8 years atagar As per ticket 4876 karsten made the stem component
9 8 years atagar Dropping ideas section
8 8 years atagar Projects should be a subsection
7 8 years atagar Adding projects section
6 8 years atagar Adding the improvement section
5 8 years atagar Adding a couple stem bugs
4 8 years atagar Adding a section for claiming development tasks
3 8 years atagar Adding a stub for the bugs section
2 8 years atagar Adding a section for starting to hack on stem
1 8 years atagar Start of a stem dev wiki - section on tor workarounds