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The Tor help desk lives on, and support assistants answer questions in English and Farsi. The help desk is managed by Runa A. Sandvik. If you want to know how many support requests we receive and resolve every month, see the tor-reports mailing list. If you have a question or need help with Tor, please email help@….

RT and queues

Request Tracker is the ticketing system we use for the help desk. RT has been configured with three queues; help (support requests in English), help-fa (support requests in Farsi), and spam (we all know what this is). More queues will be added as we start providing support in other languages.

An email to help@… will end up as a ticket in the help queue. To move a ticket to a different queue; open the ticket, click on Basics, select the new queue, and click Save Changes. If a ticket is clearly spam, change the status to rejected and move the ticket to the spam queue.

Working with tickets

Dealing with support requests