This page lists known usability issues with the Tor Browser without reference to bug tickets. Fixed issues should be removed. This page should be formatted periodically into a mallard page for the Tor Browser User Manual. Maintaining this page as a wiki will allow each support assistant to update it easily and quickly as he or she is alerted to new issues through RT.

These known issues pertain to Tor Browser only and not to other Tor Project software. Tor known issues may be included only if they affect Tor Browser usability.

Known Issues

  • Tor needs your system clock (and your time zone) to have the correct time.
  • The following firewall software have been known to interfere with Tor and may need to be temporarily disabled:
    • Webroot
    • Kaspersky Internet Security 2012
    • Sophos
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Videos that require Adobe Flash are unavailable. Flash is disabled for security reasons. Most YouTube videos can be played with HTML5 by visiting the video's "Embed" → "Share" link.
  • Tor can not use a bridge if a proxy is set.
  • The Tor Browser package is dated January 1, 2000 00:00:00 UTC. This is to ensure that each software build is exactly reproducible.
  • To run Tor Browser on Ubuntu, users need to execute a shell script. Open "Files" (Unity's explorer), open Preferences → Behavior Tab → Set "Run executable text files when they are opened" to "Ask every time", then OK. Tor Browser can also be started from the command line by running

from inside the Tor Browser directory.

If you've encountered an issue not on this list, email help@….

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