How to use bridges

The primary way to use bridges is to go to . 
Solve the CAPTCHA there, and it will give you up to three lines, for example
(these are working):


Now, you open Vidalia by double-clicking the green onion in the system tray. Go 
to Settings -> Network. Tick "My ISP blocks connections to the Tor network".
New boxes will appear below. Use the edit line and add only the IP:Port pairs.
For this example, you would first enter , then press the green
"+" sign on the right. The IP will appear below in the larger box. Then, you
enter , press the green "+" sign. You can repeat this for as
many bridges as you have. Then, click OK. Now, if Tor is still/already running,
press "Stop Tor", wait, then "Start Tor" again.

If is blocked for you, you can get bridges by 
emailing The rest of the process is the same. Just make
sure you don't paste in the "bridges" part of the lines in Vidalia. We are
working on a version that removes it automatically.

Hope this helps!
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