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Tor Videos

Purpose of having videos

What's the point of having videos? Who is the intended audience? Are these videos linked from FAQ entries to explain more complex problem solutions more quickly? Are links to these videos given out when people contact support? Are (some of) these videos going to be linked directly from the Tor homepage? Are we further planning to make videos for demos or talks and re-use them for support? Whenever we decide to make a video, let's keep in mind that videos are particularly hard to update, and that having outdated documentation videos can be worse than having no videos at all.

Ideas for videos

The following items need more explanation. What's supposed to be covered by these videos, who's the intended audience, etc. We'll want to prioritize here, because we cannot make (good) videos for everything, so the description should contain arguments why a video would be more important to have than others. If there are storyboards or existing videos, they should be linked here. Maybe we decide that existing videos are perfect for a purpose, or we decide to improve them based on what we have.

​Tor 101, General Anonymity using Tor, ideally in multiple languages

Existing videos: Tor 101, General Anonymity using Tor (English, Arabic)

Also add criticism to existing videos here, ideally signed with initials like [-KL].

Using Tor Browser Bundle

Existing video: Tor Browser Bundle Training - Usage

​Downloading and verifying Tor Browser Bundle, ideally for all supported OSes

Existing videos: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

​Introduction to Hidden Services

Existing video: Introduction to Hidden Services

How to setup a bridge

How to setup a bridge using Tor Cloud

How to setup a relay

How to setup an exit relay

How to setup a hidden service

How to use FlashProxy

Technical guidelines

We'll probably want much more detailed guidelines on how we want to make our videos.

  • The output format should be mp4.
  • For conversions use avidemux or ffmpeg.