Translation process for Tor developers

Getting your translations added to Transifex

  • Check [Transifex] for supported file types
  • Contact emmapeel <at> torproject <dot> org with a link to your English strings, preferably in Tor Project or Tails git. She will make the bot pick them up and produce two branches on the translation repository
  • Wait for strings to be added to Transifex and git

Using your translations

  • Clone the translation repository
  • Check out the branch for your project (e.g. git checkout mat-gui)
  • If you only want translations that are 100% completed, check out the _completed branch instead (e.g. git checkout mat-gui_completed)

NOTE: Transifex does not do any kind of input validation on the translated strings. You need to make sure that the strings you include are valid and do not contain anything malicious.


arthuredelstein is helping with some stats about translation, so they can be accessed from outside transifex:

thanks arthur!

Translators' input

The translators find many errors on the source strings, it is important to have a look at the open issues in transifex.

Open issues in transifex: (needs login)

After selecting a string, check the Comments section on the bottom right: there you will see the issue the translator has found.

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