Community Council


  • tor-community-council [at]
  • To retrieve the GPG public key, contact tor-community-council-sendkey [at]
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Current Councilmembers

  • Alexander Faeroy (ahf)
  • Antonela (antonela)
  • Gaba (gaba)
  • Pili (pili)
  • Taylor Yu (catalyst)

Past Councilmembers

June 2018 to July 2019

  • David Goulet (dgoulet)
  • George (gman999)
  • Gus (ggus)
  • Silvia (hiro)
  • Taylor Yu (catalyst)

April 2017 to May 2018

  • Alison Macrina (flexlibris)
  • Allen Gunn (gunner)
  • Jens Kubieziel (qbi)
  • Silvia (hiro)

April 2017 to December 2017

  • Linda Naeun Lee (linda)

March 2015 to April 2017

  • Alison Macrina (flexlibris)
  • Jens Kubieziel (qbi)
  • helix
  • sysrqb

Activity Summary

March 2020

The Council participated in the membership audit process.

February 2020

The Council talked with some people from the relay operator community about extending the code of conduct for relay operation. It probably makes more sense to make a separate guidelines document about ethical relay operation.

January 2020

The Council started a dialog with grants and communications teams about making sure the potential donors and guest bloggers are aligned with our community values.

December 2019

no significant actions

November 2019

The Council reviewed an existing community health concern.

October 2019

The Council received an email containing suggestions for revising the Code of Conduct. One immediately actionable suggestion was to fix an incorrect email address for the Community Council. An appropriate email alias was created to work around the problem.

September 2019

The Council provided some input to the tor-internal membership audit process.

The Council received a complaint about email list moderation. The Council asked the complainant to attempt to resolve this with the list moderators. The list moderators resolved the issue.

August 2019

The Council provided some input to the tor-internal membership audit process.

July 2019

The newly elected Community Council and the 2018 Community Council met in person at the Tor Meeting in Stockholm to transfer knowledge. This went well, and we will try to do an in-person handoff again when future Councils are elected.

Older activity

2017 Council

  • Private case opened November 2017 (ombudsman: Alison)
  • Case opened January 2018 (details to follow) (ombudsman: hiro)

10 April 2017: a community member was removed from tor-internal channels for two months as a consequence for leaking private Tor communications to a public channel.

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