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    44The Tor community maintains the following three lists (RBL blocks, Blocking software, and Individual blocks) as part of the [wiki:org/projects/DontBlockMe DontBlockMe] project.
    6 == Glossary ==
    78 * CDN - A CDN is a content delivery network: these are networks that websites use to serve high amounts of traffic to their clients. CDNs can be geographically distributed to provide "local" copies of web content to people worldwide.
    89 * Exit relay - This is a Tor relay that exits traffic onto the plain Internet. All Tor traffic (though not when using hidden services) appears to originate from these exit relays.
    1314== List of RBL Blocking Services ==
    1415An RBL is a "realtime blackhole list" which is a DNS query-based list used to tag IP addresses as being malicious or as being an origin of spam. Due to the inability to filter or monitor Tor user behavior across the entire network, many Tor exit relay IPs will be marked as threatening (even indiscriminately) which means many legitimate web surfers will be incidentally included in such blocks. This is a subproject to routinely search for and clear Tor relay nodes from RBL and RBL-like lists.
     17'''Attention:''' Please be aware, that this page itself ([]) does block Tor traffic for registration and editing by showing very hard to read captures.
    162165==== Image Hosting ====
    163166 * [] - "We're really sorry, but uploading from the Tor network has been disabled. Please disable Tor and try uploading again." Blocks uploading, allows browsing.
    164168==== IRC / SIP / XMPP / "non-web" network communication services and messaging ====
    165169''For information specific to IRC, see [wiki:doc/BlockingIrc Blocking IRC]''
    229233==== Wikis ====
    230234 * (No sites listed yet)
    233236=== List of formerly listed services ===