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List Of Services Blocking Tor

The Tor community maintains the following three lists (RBL blocks, Blocking software, and Individual blocks) as part of the DontBlockMe project.


  • CDN - A CDN is a content delivery network: these are networks that websites use to serve high amounts of traffic to their clients. CDNs can be geographically distributed to provide "local" copies of web content to people worldwide.
  • Exit relay - This is a Tor relay that exits traffic onto the plain Internet. All Tor traffic (though not when using hidden services) appears to originate from these exit relays.
  • Non-exit relay - A Tor relay that does not act as an exit relay. A non-exit relay does not originate any traffic other than to other Tor relays and thus there is no necessary reason for services to block traffic from them. Guard and middle relays are the two types of non-exit relays, and many non-exit relays act as both types at the same time.
  • TCP RST - The TCP reset (or reject) is a way to gracefully close connections. Many services/software to block Tor traffic may block by explicitly closing the connection instead of ignoring the traffic.
  • TCP timeout - A TCP timeout is another way to block Tor traffic on the protocol- or routing-level, however it involves silently ignoring the traffic instead of rejecting it.

List of RBL Blocking Services

An RBL is a "realtime blackhole list" which is a DNS query-based list used to tag IP addresses as being malicious or as being an origin of spam. Due to the inability to filter or monitor Tor user behavior across the entire network, many Tor exit relay IPs will be marked as threatening (even indiscriminately) which means many legitimate web surfers will be incidentally included in such blocks. This is a subproject to routinely search for and clear Tor relay nodes from RBL and RBL-like lists.


  • [URL] - Description of service/list, threat detection and consequences for Tor users
  • - Composite Blocking List (CBL) - A Division of SPAMHAUS. By policy, TOR nodes cannot be removed from the CBL list. - Thus, the exact reason for being listed can no longer be established by the individual Tor .Exit Relay operator. Consequently, trying to effectively handle any 'abuse' issues being unfortunately perpetrated from an individual Tor .Exit Relay has become increasingly difficult or impossible when referencing this resource.
  • - Blog comment spam protection. (Note: Previously this entry was "", a misspelled version of "akismet" that redirected to the official site. It is not known whether this was a typo or a malicious website. Edited 10/5/2016)
  • - Web request blocker against proxies and anonymity networks. The site itself is not available over Tor.
  • - Blog and forum content spam protection.
  • - Blocklist designed to identify all Tor relays, even ones that do not exit traffic. There are both a list for exit relays as well as for all relays, though the provider does warn against using the list of all relays. The site itself is not available over Tor.
  • - Web and networking protection including IP blocking.
  • - Honeypot for e-mail harvesters by listing unique e-mail addresses on web pages.
  • - IP-based blocking service based on forum and blog spam. The site itself is available from some Tor Exits, but not others (403 Forbidden). [last check: 2015-09-15, 1/10 Exits Blocked]
  • - the CAPTCHAs given are, on occasion, very difficult and timed [last check: 2015-11-21]

List Of Software Used To Block Tor

A listing of the software that has been identified as being used by the services listed below. This can present via another avenue to accomplish the goals of the DontBlockMe project. The format is:

  • [URL] - How to identify the blocking software when used by a service

How to unblock Tor users

If you run a web site on CloudFlare, and you don't want Tor users to see captchas, then whitelist the "T1" country code in the Access Rules of the CloudFlare Firewall app. See this article for more information.

Field guide to common block pages


Akamai block page, 2015-10-22.

Akamai is a CDN.

Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior block page, 2015-10-22.

Bad Behavior is an antispam PHP plugin.


Blackbaud block page, 2015-10-22.

Blackbaud does web hosting for nonprofits.


Bluehost block page, 2015-10-22.

Bluehost is a web hosting company. This seems to be their source code that is the source of the message: mod_rbld.


CloudFlare block page, 2015-10-22.

CloudFlare is a CDN.


Distil "Access to Website Blocked" screenshot.

Distil Networks is an anti-bot/anti-scraping company. They also have challenge pages that are less severe than this block page (which has status code 456).

List Of Services Blocking Tor

Services should be listed if:

  • They display a written policy that prohibits "Tor" specifically by name.
  • They display a written policy prohibiting proxies, VPNs, open/free networks, travelers, etc.
  • The text of an error message indicates "Tor", anonymous proxies, etc.
  • After testing with "signal NEWNYM / New Identity / MAPADDRESS", access and/or full use via Tor is found to be consistently problematic (defined as affecting at least 80% of all exits).

The list is formatted in alphabetical service groupings as follows:

  • URL of service - nature of block: complete, account creation, read-only, random breakage, etc. [last check: <current date in YYYY-MM-DD>]

Attention: Please be aware, that this page itself ( does block Tor traffic for registration and editing by showing very hard to read captchas.

The List

The current list is as follows...

Banking / Finance

Blogs ( by engine )


Business-to-User / Retail Shopping


Business-to-Business / Commerce and Industry / Advertising

Computing / Technical


  • - ACM Digital Library: "403 Error - Access Forbidden" "...we have temporarily restricted your access to the Digital Library. Your activity appears to be coming from some type of automated process. To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue. The restriction will be removed automatically once this activity stops." [last check: 2015-10-04]
  • - "Access To Website Blocked" (Distil) from 9/10 Tor Exits, including the American Psychological Association's journals. [last check: 2016-03-18]
  • - some operations sometimes result in an error, depending on your exit. For example, "Access Denied. Sadly, you do not currently appear to have permission to access If you believe this determination to be in error, see for additional information." [last check: 2015-08-05]
  • - Augmentative & Alternative Communication software & device maker; appears to be returning TCP Timeout for non-exit nodes. [last check: 2015-09-15]
  • - AustLII (Australasian Legal Information Institute) website refuses connections from Tor Exits, but other IP addresses work fine. "A joint facility of UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law" [last check: 2015-09-16]
  • - various forms do an AJAX POST that appears to stall forever. In the background it is receiving a response with status 200: "Access Denied. You have been blocked due to suspicious activity. If you believe this is in error, please email help@ischool/>. Allow Request. You have been blocked from entering information on this blog. In order to prevent this from happening in the future you may ask the owner to add your network address to a list that allows you full access." When I emailed help@ischool about it, they cited the database as a reason for blocking the IP, and "considering that this is a cybersecurity website, it would not be a wise choice to unblock that IP address." [last check: 2016-01-28]
  • - iPad and iPhone App IP blocked, "International Agreements/Cannot view outside the US". Customer service confirms IP is "Known Anonymizing Proxy Address". Blocks non-exit relay IPs.
  • - "The requested URL was rejected."; TCP timeout returned to non-exit relay IP [last check: 2015-09-17]
  • - Error 403: "Don't use anonymizers, open proxies, VPNs, or TOR to access Project Gutenberg." (Most but not all exits) [last check: 2016-05-20] For an alternative download site, try
  • - "Access Denied" (Akamai) [last check: 2015-04-02]
  • - "The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster."; TCP timeout returned to non-exit relay IP [last check: 2015-09-17]
  • - Blocked from non-exit relay IPs. [last check: 2015-01-23]
  • - Not Implemented Tor IP not allowed (Convio/Blackbaud) [last check: 2015-10-04]
  • - "You are receiving this error message because your ip (x.x.x.x) is listed in the database." [last check: 2015-11-25]
  • - QuestBridge homepage refuses connections from Tor Exits, but the "Apply" subpage blocks all Tor nodes.
  • Wikimedia projects including - Reading free and supported; can also edit, after email request
  • - TCP timeout, even from non-exit IPs [confirmation?]. [last check: 2015-03-18]
  • - When trying to see or download a paper "Access to Wiley Online Library has been temporarily suspended at your institution. Your library and other administrators are working with Wiley to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Please contact your library to see if there are alternative means of accessing the content you require (such as via on-campus access). We apologize for the inconvenience." [last check: 2016-04-10]
  • (IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks) - timeout. [last check: 2016-05-24]

Forums / Imageboards

  • - "Permanently banned from all boards: Proxy/Tor exit node." - Read-only allowed, posting blocked.
  • - " is protected by BlockScript. Your request was blocked because you appear to be accessing this website from a Tor exit node." [last check: 2015-04-27]
  • - TCP Connection timeout (also bans known VPN services) [last check: 2015-01-04]
  • - "Error 403" (Bad Behavior) returned when accessing any page [last check: 2015-04-27]
  • - "Votre adresse IP a été bloquée." - Read-only, can't subscribe or log in. [last check: 2015-05-01]
  • and subservices like and - you can read questions, but doing a search sometimes results in: "Human Verification: Are you a human being? We apologize for the confusion, but we can't quite tell if you're a person or a script. Please don't take this personally. Bots and scripts can be remarkably lifelike these days!" with a Google captcha. It looks like the error page is always available at [last check: 2015-08-05]
  • - looks custom: "Your ip address has been banned. If you think this is a mistake then please contact bans@… immediately and make sure to include your ip address." [last check: 2016-02-13]
  • "Uh oh - it looks like your IP address or email has been reported by another forum system as a source of spam. Ars Technica uses StopForumSpam to keep our forums and comments clear of unwanted solicitations and malware. In order to register as an Ars Technica user, you will need to first clear up the issue with StopForumSpam. You can do that by filling out their handy contact form and explaining your situation." [last check: 2016-04-29]


  • - "Blocked IP Address - Tor Exit Node" [last check: 2015-03-18] Very recently GameFAQs appears to have explicitly lifted the block for visitors using Tor; sign-up and messaging is still prohibited (according to this page). [last check: 2016-02-20]
  • Steam, Steam Community - Several reports of users having their accounts banned or restricted permanently, which generally means new products cannot be purchased and the person is no longer permitted to talk to friends or post in Steam discussions and boards. (references: 2015-03-15 and 2015-01-13)
  • Steam Users' Forums - "Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address." [last check: 2015-03-18]
  • - "Sorry, has been banned." Some exit nodes work. [last check: 2016-03-13]

Government services / Publicly-funded resources


Image Hosting

  • - "We're really sorry, but uploading from the Tor network has been disabled. Please disable Tor and try uploading again." Blocks uploading, allows browsing.

IRC / SIP / XMPP / "non-web" network communication services and messaging

For information specific to IRC, see Blocking IRC

  • Skype - Login attempts via a Tor exit node are rejected (since 2013, see list and blog): load icon spins forever; experience shows it can take ~6 weeks for a new exit node to be blacklisted
  • - "== ERROR: Anonymous TOR usage is unavailable" [last check: 2016-03-09]
  • - "Error Connecting (DNSBL blocked (" [last check: 2016-03-09]

Mail services

News media

Search engines

  • - Returns "404 Not Found" but non-Tor IPs can access it.
  • - Almost always shows the message "403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL /sorry/IndexRedirect?continue=". Otherwise shows a captcha before permitting searching. In most cases after you have solved a captcha it will give you infinite chain of captchas. If the first attempt failed, change identity and try again. [last check: 2016-03-30]
  • - Yahoo temporarily blocks IPs sending too many queries. No workaround provided.
  • - Site consistently is not accessible over Tor (TCP RST) for some unknown reason. This seems rather bizarre for a lyrics database site, assuming blocking the Tor connections is intentional. [last check: 2016-02-15]

Social networking

Communities / Friends / Interests
  • - Partial block. Impossible to log in, some pages return Error code: 503
  • - Blank page.
  • - "We were unable to create your account. Please contact support to resolve this issue."
  • - "You've been blocked from accessing Ello. Oh no! Why me? Your recent actions have triggered our force field to protect Ello from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this, including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data." HTTP status is "416 Request Range Not Satisfiable" (wtf?). Appears to use Distil Networks for blocking. Direct link to block page: [last check: 2015-10-04]
  • TCP timeouts, explicit rejects (TCP RST) and even works sometimes. [last check: 2015-03-18]
  • Complete block. "Your IP address has been banned. Reason: Known TOR exit node." However, whatever list of exit nodes they're using seems to be pretty outdated, so it's very roughly 50/50 on whether you'll actually encounter that block or not.
  • - "Sorry, ip address has been banned"
  • - "This request has been denied for security reasons. If you believe this was in error, please contact support."
  • - Closing Link: IP Z:Lined Tor exit server detected.
  • - Error message after logging in. [when?]
  • - "Signup Denied, use Android/iPhone app on your phone instead."
  • - "Sorry, you're not allowed to access this page." (also for other top level domains like [last check: 2015-08-08]
  • - Periodic process may delete user after a while (hour to days) if geoIP does not match profile location, and for other reasons possibly related to IP. Try contacting csr@… and post any results to tor-talk.
  • - You need to pass an image test before login, after which a login email validation is required. Might block completely due to "unusual traffic from your network connection." [last check: 2015-03-18]


Utilities ( Electric / Gas / Water / Telecom / TV / Internet )

  • - Bad Behavior [last check: 2016-05-19]


TV / Video


  • (No sites listed yet)

List of formerly listed services

These were formerly listed in the above list, but someone (you) found that they now seem to work "more often than not" and thus moved them here adding the move date (do not remove the original reason for listing). Once listed here, other readers will check them from time to time. If they are still blocking "more often than not", feel free to move them back into the lists above. If they've been on this list for over a year, feel free to remove them as apparently having been a temporary IP block, not a complete class-based (Tor/VPN/Proxy) block. Listings older than 3 months should probably be removed.


  • [YYYY-MM-DD listed - URI - original reason, delisting notes]
  • 2015-03-18 - = States not in the UK even from non-exit relay IPs. (BBC says they are trying to fix this problem since 10/2014 still not working 2/2015) It seems to work from UK-based exit nodes, which is actually surprising since it's trivial to "be" in the UK when you're using Tor. Then again, it's not like YouTube blocks Tor users despite the fact that Tor can be used to "be" anywhere and bypass regional blocks. It's probably in their best interest to not block Tor at least unless content providers become angry over regional bypassing. Perhaps we should have a new category just for content providers that are blocking for regional purposes and not for "security" reasons.
  • 2015-03-17 - - Login puts account in validation required mode, if no phone number associated, may lose forever. Facebook offers an "experimental" .onion since October 2014 so this should relieve problems, at least when accessing it from its onion address.
  • 2015-03-18 - - "Access To Website Blocked" (Distil). Checking on 2016-03-18, the site is no longer on Distil, and doesn't block Tor.

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