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List Of Services Blocking Tor

In conjunction with the DontBlockMe project, and similar to the list of GoodBadISPs, the Tor community maintains the following three lists.

There is a meta ticket for this project (#10099). There is also a list of services that support Tor known as: WeSupportTor.

List Of RBL Lists

A subproject to routinely search for and clear Tor relay nodes from these sort of lists.

The List

List Of Software Used To Block Tor

A listing of the software that has been identified as being used by the services listed below. This can present another avenue to accomplish the goals of the DontBlockMe project. The format is:

  • Software link - How to identify it when used by a service

The List

List Of Services Blocking Tor

Services should be listed if:

  • They display a written policy that prohibits "Tor" specifically by name.
  • They display a written policy prohibiting proxies, VPN's, open/free networks, travelers, etc.
  • The text of an error message indicates "Tor", anonymous proxies, etc.
  • After testing with "signal NEWNYM / New Identity / MAPADDRESS", access and/or full use via Tor is found to be consistently problematic (roughly 80% or more of those tests fail).

The list is formatted in alphabetical service groupings as follows:

Type of Service

Tor Open:

  • List up to five (5) leading counterexamples of competing services that happen to not block Tor (use WeSupportTor for explicit Tor supporters). Then list all the services of that type that do block Tor. "Tor Open/Blocked" headings may be omitted until there is at least one counterexample.

Tor Blocked:

  • url of service - nature of block: complete, account creation, read-only, random breakage, etc.

The List

Banking / Finance

Blogs (by engine)

Computing / Technical


  • - Cannot edit: "Your IP address, has been automatically identified as a Tor exit node."
  • - Blocks all Tor relays outright.
  • - Disney Junior iPad and iPhone App blocked by IP even if you only have a Middle Relay node (not Exit) on same IP. You get an "International Agreements/Cannot view outside the US" message, but emails with customer service confirms it is because the IP is a "Known Anonymizing Proxy Address". The IP in question only has a Tor Middle Relay node that was listed on Globe and Atlas for 2 days. Tor proxy wasn't used on the iPad.

Forums / Imageboards

Government services / Publicly funded resources

  • - "Access Denied". Blocked even when accessing as non-exit (entry/middle) node.
  • - "Access Denied"
  • - "Access Denied" (including subdomains, such as, etc.)
  • - American Justice: error 404
  • Austrian Government Datacenter "Bundesrechenzentrum" (AS8692, - inaccessible via Tor (blocked on TCP/IP level -> timeout), many * sites are located there. A few examples:
  • (probably blocked on IP level - timeout)
  • Estonian Police and Border Guard Board: timeout
  • Andalusian Regional Government of Spain (SANDETEL - AS34285, - inaccessible via Tor (blocked on TCP/IP level -> timeout), even when accessing as non-exit (entry/middle) node. Many *.es sites are located there. A few examples:
IRC/SIP/XMPP / non-web comms net services and messaging

Mail services

News Media

Search engines

Shopping / Product research

Social Networking

Communities / Friends / Interests
  • - You need to pass image test before login and after successful login email validation is required.

The "Formerly Listed" List

These were formerly listed in the above list, but someone (you) found that they now seem to work "more often than not" and thus put them here. Others might check again in a month and remove them as apparently having been a temporary IP block, not a complete class (Tor/VPN/Proxy) block. Or add them back as still having issues. (aka: We need automated tests for Tor blocking and blocking percent.) Format:

  • YYYYMMDD listed - URI - reason

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