2010 Tor Annual Developer Meeting

July 18-19, 2010 in Potsdam, Germany at the Hasso-Plattner Institute at Potsdam University. Or see Google Stalker Tech


The first annual developer meeting was completely informal and held after PETS 2009 in Seattle, Washington. We spent one day talking, hacking, and figuring out plans for the next year. It worked well. What didn't work well was having no plan and therefore not having enough time to talk about everything we wanted to discuss.

This year we're trying something different. This is an un-conference. We're going to plan out the day in 30 to 60 minute chunks between 10 and 11 AM. We then dig into it, adjusting the chunks if necessary. The goal is to get everyone in one or two rooms and hash out some discussions that have been laboring over email, irc, and instant messaging. The other goal is to get people involved and in control of their own destiny.

As this meeting is sponsored by a current Tor funder, we have some money to cover travel and lodging expenses for invited guests to the meeting. Everyone may not be reimbursed 100%, however our intent is to do so. Everyone who is paid and/or a dedicated volunteer to Tor has been invited already. The invite/non-invite line is basically around commit access, if you have it, you've been invited. This is not a general "Tor Con" per se, but a targeted meeting to talk about making more Tor. We may consider doing a more general "Tor Con/AnonyCon" for the world in later 2010/early 2011.

Minor Details

Invite List

Invited Confirmed Tor Reimbursing? Willing to share a room Comments
Andrew Lewman Yes Yes Yes Arrives 17th in the morning, leaves morning the 25th
Bruce Leidl Yes Yes
Carolyn Anhalt Yes Yes
Christian Fromme Yes Yes
Erinn Clark Yes Yes Yes I don't need food for breakfast, just lots of coffee.
Jacob Appelbaum Yes Yes Yes Vegetarian, need lots of coffee. Willing to share a room.
Karen Reilly Yes Yes
Karsten Loesing Yes Yes Yes
Melissa Gilroy Yes Yes
Mike Perry Yes Yes
Nick Mathewson Yes Yes
Roger Dingledine Yes Yes
Runa Sandvik Yes Yes Yes
Sebastian Hahn Yes Yes Yup
Chris Davis Yes Yes
Steven Murdoch Yes Yes
Peter Palfrader No Yes
Paul Syverson Maybe No
Robert Hogan Yes Yes
Damian Johnson Yes Yes Yes I'll be around the 17th - 25th (early)
Linus Nordberg Yes Yes Yes Arriving early 18th, leaving late 25th. Won't eat meat but pretty much anything else.
Gary Garriott No No
Chris Walker Yes Yes
Nathan Freitas No Yes Yes Trying to make this trip happen... tricky with new baby and that i am speaking at OSCon in Portland the following week.
Wendy Seltzer Yes Yes Yes 17th-25th; PETS reg already covered
Kory Kirk Yes Yes Yes
Moritz Bartl Yes Yes Yes 17th-25th
Olaf Selke No Yes


  • Does anyone need t-shirts/stickers?
    • Sebastian, Damian and Linus would like some stickers

Karen should be bringing these

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