2011 Mini-developer meeting


February 17-19, 2011 Center for Future Civic Media at MIT.


Required: andrew, roger, nick, mike, steven, runa, jake, karsten, sebastian, erinn, karen, and tom.

Optional: anyone who can pay their own way to attend. We may be able to allow skype or video over xmpp. When we tried this in January, it was far from optimal.


We're going to discuss the plan for generally getting organized, roles, and details of Sponsor E and Sponsor F.

Attendee list

Person Attending? (Y/N) Travel booked? (Y/N) Hotel booked? (Y/N)
Andrew Y n/a n/a
Roger Y Arr. 16th !19:41; Dep 20th ??? Y
Nick Y n/a n/a
Mike Y Y Y
Steven N
Runa Y Y (Arr. 16th !18:35; Dep. 20th !08:15) Y
Jake Y Y (Arr. 16th !19:52; Dep. 20th !17:25)
Karsten Y Y (Arr. 16th !20:00; Dep. 20th !21:40) Y
Sebastian Y Y Y
Erinn Y Y Y
Tom Y Y (Arr. 16th !15:23; Dep. 20th !13:45) Y
Karen Y Y Y
Paul Y Y (Arr. 17th !7:55; Dep. 18th !19:30) Y
Wendy Y

Draft Agenda


10:00: Introduction, where we are, where we're going.

10:30: Andrew and Melissa present the 2011 budget, discuss financial process changes, contractor vs. employee vs. volunteer, etc.

11:00: Every attendee gets 300 seconds to talk about what the Tor Project can do better and why.

!12:00: Discuss likely outcomes and process changes for a better Tor Project.

13:00: Lunch.

14:00: Review the SponsorE goals and objectives. (What are we doing?)

15:00: Discuss the approaches to SponsorE. (How are we doing it?)

15:30: Break.

16:00: Next steps for SponsorE.

16:30: Open Discussion.

18:30: Group dinner at Fire and Ice. The night is free.


10:00: Every attendee does a 300 second presentation on what you do for Tor and what you did in 2010.

11:00: Introduction to Sponsor F. (What are we doing?)

12:00: Lunch.

13:00: Discuss the approaches to SponsorF. (How are we doing it?)

15:00: Break.

15:30: Open discussion.

18:30: Group dinner somewhere. Night is free.


Starting at 10:00, an open hackfest on all things Tor. Planned activities for today:

  1. Migrate all tor-related mailing lists from to (yes, all)
  2. Enable IPv6 on as many hosts as possible. June 8th be damned, IPv6 day is today!
  3. At least two authors are showing up looking to talk to people about their books around circumvention, anonymity, privacy, and the Internet.
  4. Play with an Excito B3 device.

12:30 Lunch arrives.

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