Short-term list

0.2.2.x-alpha --> stable

increase numbers of bridges -> bridges by default -> tor appliances

Review un-reviewed proposals

modular transport (client -> relay) --> ip hiding, entry point

less blockability

bridge distribution

Long-term list

UDP (relay to relay for performance)

better crypo -> ecc? multithreaded?


scalability issues -> nodes, users

Sponsor F ideas

torbutton enhancements, chrome integration, torbutton in mobile environment

clean up after tbb users to zero footprint

support camoflaged transport

bridge user/operator usability

performance improvements

metrics - safely measuring tor

Hand-wavy ideas

  • less centralized {dir auths | exit relays}
  • consistently faster
  • scalable: udp
  • easy bundles auto-updated
  • (not so tied to firefox)
  • ui leads users to better anonymity choices
  • better user feedback
  • better relay operator feedback
  • faster dev cycles from thought to code to deployed in binary
  • lots of bridges (entry points) & bridgedb to handle them
  • not blocked
  • full ipv6 support
  • users are trained to help one another
  • well-maintained and visible docs
  • "no docs needed"
  • help those that need tor but don't use it now.
  • hidden services that don't suck.
  • lots of relays, like 100,000.
  • better understanding of anonymity than today.
  • better integration with academic researchers.
  • better communications with and understanding of commercial filters.

declarative statements

  • research on less centralized directory authorities.
  • we have less centralized exit relays because running them is less painful.
  • more vendor supported packages
  • auto-updated packages with thandy and bittorrent
  • work on low bandwidth environments.
  • faster consistenly because of better metrics that feed into congestion control and latency management.
  • better instrumentation and raw data collection to assist metrics collection and interpretation.
  • more scalable because microdescriptors work and have datagram transport with userland code stack.
  • We evangelize to the community to grow more coders and architects with bounties for proposal implementation and sexyness factor.
  • computer human interface research into tor usability.
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