Welcome to the Stockholm Hackfest

When: 14 May 2011 10:00 till !18:00

Where:, Ringvägen 100, Stockholm

Who: (use cypherpunks/writecode as the username/password if you do not want to create an account)

attendee organization (if any) food preference interested topics
andrew tor pizza
sebastian tor
runa tor pizza
linus tor veg
pawal .SE
4ZM Sparvnästet Veg
daniel Sparvnästet veg
lars Sparvnästet
jn pizza
Magma Serious Tubes Networks pizza
Lei (L) pizza association for economic support for running tor exit nodes
Etu Telecomix pizza
asn the internet matsutake
per FRA pizza
trams iddqd  pizza
 rom iddqd  pizza
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