Internal Services


Tor currently runs a number of services for the community, some have no maintainer, some have not been updated in years, some should go away.

Services Table

Service @ tpo Owner Keep (Y/N?)
Archive Andrew Y
Atlas Karsten/Arturo Y
Backups Sysadmin Team Y
Blog Andrew see notes
Bridges Aaron Y
bugs Erinn/Sebastian Y
buildbot unknown unknown
bwauth Andrew Y
bwscanner Mikeperry Y
check Andrew/unknown see notes
check2 unknown N
cloud Runa Y
dnsel/dnsel2 unknown N
exitlist Andrew/unknown see notes
deb weasel Y
doxygen Andrew Y
exitscanner mikeperry Y
gettor unknown see notes
git sebastian/erinn Y
irc sysadmin team Y
lists sysadmin team Y
munin sysadmin team Y
nagios sysadmin team Y
pkgwrt unknown N
planet Runa N
puppet sysadmin team Y
rsync Andrew/sysadmin team Y
rt Runa Y
svn Andrew see notes
thandy/thandy-dev Sebastian Y
torperf Karsten Y
torouter unknown N
trac erinn/sebastian Y
translation Runa/sebastian Y
onionoo Karsten/Damian Y
wiki Andrew Y
weather unknown see notes
webstats Runa Y

Needs owner

  • weather
  • check
  • buildbot
  • gettor

Needs death

  • dnsel/dnsel2
  • pkgwrt
  • planet


  • The blog content feed needs to be migrated to a rss-capable static site. Comments need to move to a forum.
  • thandy is soon to be funded, needs to exist and be setup as a live service.
  • buildbots are mostly unmaintained. sysadmin team shutdown 4 virtual machines two months ago and no one noticed.
  • check is currently unmaintained, or not very well maintained by Andrew. 'tor or not' should be decided by local browser, not a 3rd party service the world relies upon.
  • gettor is currently unmaintained. it currently runs on m4.tpo. With better, proper debian packaging, sysadmin team would be happy to run the service on a new machine.
  • weather is currently unmaintained. it currently runs on a machine with a cronjob that detects crashes and restarts the processes.
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