webpages need to be updated - starting point for all research

-new researchers should go to the webpage and get the info they need to get started and the project owners, i.e. a person-in-charge, i.e. who to contact to get started

-prioritized thrust areas

-should have both distinguish well-thought-out research projects and half-baked open ideas

-contain links to content that brand new developers must have to be useful like past papers on anon bib

-contain links to relevant blog posts

-keep it updated

-researchers should transfer from research page to tor-dev to begin communicating with Tor in a useful way, or the project owner

starting point: updated for paper talking about design and specifications since the original for paper in 2004/5

-path selection (bw weighting)

-bandwidth/directory authorities



links to current projects to avoid duplication of efforts.

-may conflicts with secretive research groups.

how to handle the conflict?

-more visible/public = improved awareness and improved research quality

-publish code and discussion, not drafts of papers

-intermediate research project results and code should go on public list (tor-dev)

developer research questions -->

alot of these are actually important research topics and the research community need to be aware.

-ticket should be created to add a new project to the research webpage

research coordinator

how to handle the roger bottleneck?

does enough manpower exist to hire a new research coordinator?

how to ensure the right research questions get answered?

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