The Agenda Exercise


We collectively brainstormed every topic people could discuss over the next week. Below is the list of results.


Collaboration with big organizations (ISP, Google, etc)

We want open source Tor advocacy tools

Tor's future in relation anonymity vs censorship vs???

How does Tor get positive media attention?

Advocacy – how much, media/public speaking training


Tor Hidden Services

Are there good uses of hidden services?

Promote usage of Tor Hidden Services

Should Google index hidden services?

How do we make good use of hidden services?


Do we have too many overlapping discussion channels?Or too few?

How do we leave room for others?

How can Tor involve less technical people in the community (besides providing support)

Project Management

We need project managers. What do they do? Etc

How to do project management for opinionated anarchists?

How the fuck to keep track of deliverables?

Can (should) we use trac to do project mgt?

How do we manage information overload?

More transparency, less internal mailing lists

How can we be more transparent and use our internal lists less?

Document reporting bugs in trac, e.g. -what severity levels to use, - lifetime of a ticket (transition of states)

Better volunteer outreach & welcome

Community projects

TorBirdy and Thunderbird

TLSDate or clocks and keeping them correct!

What about onioncat?

Tails (shipping USB hardware, etc?)

Torouter! (hardware & software)


Education and training

Mike, teach me everything about torbrowser

Training for journalists & activists – who and how

We need more code review 

Nick will guide you through the codebase & help you get started hacking Tor

How can we improve the disconnect between developers and support?

Org Focus

Should we kill half of the Tor products

What should we stop doing?

relationships between Tor products (core, contrib, etc)

Should we add everyone here to the Tor assistance list

What should we be thinking about that we are ignoring or deferring?

Tor integration in many platforms is important, what do we support?

Just because we can raise money for a project, should we do it

Tor jobs

What new positions can we fill this year, and in what order?

Let's talk about whom to hire, and how How to prioritize hiring?

How should Tor prioritize funding deliverables?


How to improve Tor usability?


Discuss how to hack (lib)unbound to make DNSSEC over Tor usable

We must support the full DNS protocol

Operational security

Proper GPG usage & hardware!

Verify all builds and sign by many parties!

Help verify software downloads – win32? TBB? Etc?

How do we recover from stateside attaches on the Tor network?

Should the project get a “role” signing key?

Should we offer bug/exploit bounties?

Bundles & packaging

Should we step publishing bundles that aren't auto-built?

We must make TBB for Android!

Should we have TorBrowser in Debian stable?

Thandy deployment

People need to be able to build TBB

How will we make packaging & building better for Erinn & users?

Keeping Orbot updated...?

How to deal with Mozilla? Make them take our patches plus automatic notification of new versions

Document procedures for building Tor packages

Development practices

Proper code review tool (trac sucks)

We should be using simulation

Transparency, ownership and security processes!

Should Nick start, like, planning releases? If so, how?


How do we stop pissing each other off all the time?

Hire a community manager to keep Nick happy

How do we ensure that Tor volunteers are integrated into Tor community like people on Tor payroll?


Dow we need a legal defense fund (& where)?

Developer fundraiser communication

Admin & Finance

How can you help Tor's finances?

How are people funded? Where does it come from and where does it go?

New Tor person's guide to administrative tasks

Sell hardware for money with free software

General research

How should we collaborate with academia?

Crypto improvements for Tor

Who is doing the research & could it work better? (specific Tor research person?)

Can we “mix a little” on high speed relays? (reorder connections)

Automagically create better metric for Tor exit scanner and HTTPS Everywhere rule checking

Squaring Zooko's Triangle (For Tor HS)


We need to make QA a priority

We must hire a QA person

We need more unit and functional automated testing

Funder conflicts of interest

How does governmental funding impact and influence Tor's long-term goals?

How do we keep funders happy, while acting in the best interests of Tor

Tor Run Relays

Should Tor run relays?

What will happen if/when Tor runs/funds relays?

I don't think it is good to fund (random) individuals for running Tor exits

How do we get more exit scanners?

We need to build a plan to distribute exit relay funding (in 5 weeks)


How to maintain services?

How do we factor in future maintenance when rolling out new software?

How to handle software maintenance?

Pluggable Transports

What direction are pluggalbe transports going?

Pluggable transports deployments

We should deploy Flashproxy

We should form a long-term group of pluggable transport devs

BridgeDB, ipub, pluggable-transport people must have a party


OONI (should automate blocking diag...)

Censorship diag

How much time should we spend on every country that blocks Tor?

Do we need a dedicated researcher for this? Do we care?

Tor needs new bridge distribution strategies

Can we have circumvention without anonymity?

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