Transparency & Communications

Problem Space

  • Information Firehose
  • Most info public, some private


  • need more mailing lists
    • more mailing lists means more fragmentation of community, less overall knowledge-sharing
  • need less mailing lists
    • more people see various topics, can pay attention to topics they want
  • policy vs. moderator models
    • policy means people read something, maybe agree to it, community enforcement of the policy by lists/forum/irc interpretation
    • moderator (benevolent dictator or benevolent cabal) means one or more people are responsible for maintaining the community and have final decision on discussions on lists/forums/irc.
  • suggested email lists to exist
    • tor-assistants for semi-public information sharing
    • tor-dev for all code-related discussions
    • tor-talk for all non-code related discussions
    • tor-relay for all relay related discussions
  • create a new list call tor-reports for all status reports (paid and volunteer alike)
  • automated lists that are one to many should still exist, such as bot/cron/batch/script output jobs to mailing lists. for example, tor-consensus-reports, tor-censorship, tor-bugs, tor-commits etc.
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