A number of us are heading to PETS (July 11–13, 2012 in Vigo, Spain) after the summer development meeting. The rough plan is below.

  • July 7th - relax and travel to the country home of a friendly Italian hacker.
  • July 8th - social time, hacking, relaxing.
  • July 9th - take a train to Vigo, Spain for PETS at a leisurely pace.
  • July 10th - arrive in Spain and find our way to Vigo.
  • July 11th - Attend PETS on time, relaxed and overjoyed.

If you'd like to join us - please put your name below:


Person Going to hellais (friendly italian hacker) home? (+1 if coming with other person too) Attending (Y/N) Travel by rail to Spain Travel to Portugal after PETS Comments
Jake Y Y Y Y Bringing laptop and willing to mule wifi hotspot with GSM uplink
Arturo Y Y Madness!?
Nick 9th only Would like to ? dependent on whether I can leave florence the 9th and arrive vigo the 10th, and whether travel plans materialize RSN.
Erinn Y Y N
George Y Y Y
Linus Y Y Y Y
Roger N :( Have to be in Vigo early on the 9th, alas
Zack Y Y? N Need to be somewhere I can make a VoIP call to the US on the 9th
weasel Y n/a n/a going back home on the 9th
naif Y n/a n/a going back home on the 9th
vecna Y n/a n/a going back home on the 9th

hellais home travel details

I will come down by car and pick up a maximum of 3-4 people (depending on luggage size), the rest can take the train.

The closest train station is S. Piero a Sieve

Once you arrive in that station it takes 15 minutes by car to reach the house. We have two cars and we can organize to come and pick people up.

The exact geocordinates will be provided upon request.


Update 2012-09-21: Since the train seems too painful, some people are considering finding a flight instead. Flying out of Florence on the 9th (Monday) has been mentioned.

  • TAP (Portuguese) is flying FCO-OPO at noon every day (~200 euro) but the 9th is "almost fully booked". 8th and 10th have more seats.
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