2012 Winter Dev Meeting


A meeting of the core tor developers and invited guests to discuss the plan, milestones, and deadlines for 2012.

For the Open Hack fest - please see the Hack Fest page.


University of Washington, Seattle

Airport Transport

  • Guests are welcome to book a town car. We use Seattle Towncar Service (206)-369-9199, which runs about $50.00 each way, exclusive of tip.
  • Taxis are readily available at the airport, and our front desk agents can assist in calling a taxi for the return trip to the airport. Taxi fee is typically $50.00 - $60.00 each way.
  • Recommended transportation option is Shuttle Express - (800)-487-7433. It is the most economical for guests, at just $19.00 per trip, per person. The shuttle does drop of at both the Watertown and University Inn.
  • The link light rail is just $2.50 each way. However, it ends in downtown Seattle. Guests will have to take a taxi or a bus from there to the hotel. This is more economical than getting a taxi the entire way, but it may be less convenient if guests have luggage. Guests can catch the link light rail directly from the airport.


February 20-22, 2012


Person Attending (Y|N) Arriving Departing Underground Tour (2/22/12, 4pm)
Andrew Yes Feb 18 23:00 Feb 23 23:59 sure, weekday preference
Roger Yes Feb 18, 7pm Feb 23, 11:30am Sure
Nick Yes Feb 19, 11pm Feb 23, 11:59pm Yes, if I'm around for it
Mike Yes tbd tbd Yes
Steven Yes Feb 18, 4:10pm Feb 23, 6:15pm Sure
Runa Yes Feb 18, 4:10pm Feb 23, 6:15pm Sure
Jake Yes already arrived staying a while Sure
Karsten Yes Feb 17, 1pm Feb 23, 3pm Sure
Sebastian No
Erinn Yes Feb 20 Feb 23 No
Tomas Yes Feb 18 Feb 25 Sure
Karen No
Paul Yes Feb 19 8PM Feb 22 11:30pm Yes, if I'm around
Wendy No
Melissa Yes Feb 19 Feb 21 yes, if around
Damian Yes n/a n/a Sure
Arturo Yes Feb 19 tbd
Nathan No
Linus Yes Feb 17 16:10 Feb 23 18:15 Yes
George Yes Feb 17 Feb 25 Sure
Aaron Yes Feb 17, 5p Feb 23 Sure
Sina Yes tbd tbd Sure
Robert No
Rob Yes Feb 19 20:30 Feb 23 08:30 Sure


Monday Feb 20

09:30 Light breakfast
10:00 Welcome, 2011 Overview, 2012 Futures (Andrew & Melissa)
11:00 Q&A, Scaling Tor the org discussion (Andrew & Mike)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Scaling the org cont'd (Mike)
14:30 Break
15:00 Forums, Community, and invited guests, Radical Designs.
17:30 informal dinner

Tuesday Feb 21

10:00 very optional ISP meet (off campus, somewhere in Seattle) led by Andrew
13:30 Sponsor G (Karsten)
14:30 Sponsor E Status (Runa)
15:30 Sponsor F Status (Karsten)
19:00 informal dinner

Wednesday Feb 22

09:30 Light breakfast
10:00 Futures (Andrew)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Discussion (bring your own topic) Open Hackfest please see the Hack Fest
15:00 Some people will go to the Underground Tour (it starts at 16:00)

Thursday Feb 23

Open Hackfest - please see the Hack Fest

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