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In the days after the circumvention summit, some folks are having a hackathon to work on "tor-qa" thingies. This includes, automation of tests like, evercookies, html5 thingies etc.

  • Create bunch of shell scripts to check for various things such as:
    • Whether all the changelogs have the right version
    • Whether all the binaries are correctly linked
    • [...]
  • Investigate Selenium to create browser automating tests.

We should also compare the different bundles and see if there are different types of tests that apply. E.g., PT bundles might allow for more testing that regular TBB 3.x bundles don't. Also consider possibilities for the Vidalia bundles.

If we get bored of creating shell scripts, we can have a look into xmpp-client+XUL(tor-launcher)!