2013 Summer Dev Meeting

Session Notes

Pictures of the many sticky notes are available.



When are we starting

For the hackfest days, meet in the Ibis lobby at 0930 to go to the Ubahn.


A meeting of the Tor developers and invited guests to discuss the plan, milestones, and deadlines for 2013 and 2014.

Tor will cover your cost if you are pre-approved - send requests to accounting@…

or if you are on the Tor Internal mailing list.


Technische Universität München

Room for Thursday and Friday: Room is in the LRZ building, Seminarraum (H.E. 008) Bolzmannstrasse 1, 85748 Garching, Germany. The room is to the right of the main entrance.

Room for Monday and Tuesday: The FMI building, Room is on the first floor, finger #6, room 020. Address is Bolzmannstrasse 3 85748 Garching


Hotel Ibis, Garching, Germany Check in date is 21 July and Check out in 26 July unless you require a change, then contact accounting@… as soon as possible. Breakfast is included with the rooms. Also, we will be sharing rooms unless you send a special request. Close to the Ubahn which can take you to TUM and to Munich.

To get to hotel from the airport, Take the S1 towards "Ostbahnhof" (which leaves from within the airport, downstairs in the center between the two terminals; hard to miss; do NOT take the S8, there are two train lines leaving) to Unterschleissheim (that's the stop after "Lohhof"). Note that the train has a 5 minute stop in Neufahrn where it is coupled with another train; just remain seated! In Unterschleissheim, exit at the front of the train, then cross under the train tracks and on the other side turn to the bus station that is immediately on the right. There, take the 219 bus (leaves every 20 minutes) to "Garching-Hochbrueck". That's the last stop of the 219 bus line and the exit of the bus is directly at the back of the IBIS hotel. Note that MVV's web site doesn't like giving out this route for some odd reason.

To get into the city from the hotel you can take the U6 but there is a small stretch that you will need to take a bus and then get back on the train. (note that there is currently construction on parts of this subway track requiring passengers to take replacement buses), directly next (30m) to the hotel. Hotel address: Daimlerstrasse 5 85748 GARCHING GERMANY


To get from hotel to meeting at TUM: Next to the bus stop of the 219 in Garching-Hochbrueck is the station for the U6. Go over the bridge to take the U6 NORTH to "Garching-Forschungszentrum" (again the last stop of the U6, 2 stations from Garching-Hochbrueck). There, leave the station towards the rear of the train and cross the street on your right. The FMI is the BIG building diagonally (south-west) with the flags in front of it. LRZ is right behind it.


July 22-23, 24th (free day to explore, hack, whatever) 25th-26th (hack days) 2013

(Hack day on friday:

For the hack days, meet in the Ibis lobby at 0930 to go to the Ubahn.


Person Attending (Y|N) Arriving Departing Room reserved
Aaron G. Y July 20 July 26 Y
Aaron J. Y* July 21 July 26 Confirming directly with hotel
Arturo Y July 21 July 26 Y
Andrea Y July 21 July 27 Y
Andrew Y July 21 July 23 Y
Damian N
Erinn Y July 21 July 26 Y
George Y July 21 July 26 Y
Gunner Y July 21 July 27 Y
isis Y July 21 July 26 Y
Jacob Y July 20 July 26 Y
Jens Y July 24 July 26
Karsten Y July 21 July 26 Y
Kelley Y July 22 July 25 pm Y
linus Y July 21 July 26 Y
Lunar Y July 21 July 26 Y
Matt P. Y July 21 July 27 N
Melissa Y July 20 July 25 Y
Mike Y July 22 July 26 Y
Moritz Y July 21 July 26 (lives here, can come any time) NA
Nick Y July 21 July 27 Y
Paul N
Pepijn Y July 21 July 26 Y
Philipp Y July 21 July 26 Y
neena N Y
RedTeam N
Rob Y* July 22 July 26 Confirming directly with hotel
Roger Y July 21 July 26 Y
Runa Y July 21, 15:35 July 26, 18:50 Y
Sathya N Y
Sebastian Y July 21 July 26 Y
Steven M Y July 22 July 26 Y
Sukhbir N
Tariq Elahi Y July 21 July 26 Y
Tom L Y July 20 July 26 Y
Vmon Y July 20 July 26 Y
weasel Y July 21 July 26 Y
Wendy Y July 22 am July 26 Y
naif Y July 21 July 24 Y
David F. N
hiviah Y July 24 July 26 Y
  • Contingent on positive outcome of volatile travel budget dynamics


Tor internal dev meetings with the infamous Gunner for the first two days (BOOM). Day off to do whatever and then two hack days.


Lederhosen & dirndls

Where do I buy a goth dirndl? -- Andrea


From the hotel, it is half an hour drive to my hometown Dachau and its concentration camp [memorial site]. I have a van, and can take up to 5 people (on seats, some more if you can live without seat) in case you're interested in going. -- Mo

At the Airport

If you happen to have some time left at the airport and want some food as a meat eater, check out the "Airbräu". It has good bavarian dishes at fair prices and its own microbrewery. Similar to other traditional bavarian restaurants, there's only one dish for vegetarians (Kässpätzle) and nothing for vegans (maybe a salad). If you are at least two, and you're really hungry, get the Airbräu Supersonic. All you can eat dumplings and meat and sauce, together with 1l beer. -- Mo

Munich CCC Hackerspace

We can also go visit the new location of CCC in Munich (Heßstr. 90). Ideally, we let them know in advance when we're coming. -- Mo

Internet Census 2012

I will have a copy of the Internet Census 2012 with me, 570GB. If you want it too, bring a large enough disk. -- Mo

Munich Network Survey

I will bring some WiFi Antenna to have a nightly tour of Wifi in Munich with Network Survey to be done in (random place). -- naif

Road Trip to OHM

I will take my van to OHM after dev meeting and can take up to 4 people along. -- Mo

Cologne city tour the week after

If anyone's interested in visiting Cologne (600km away, fourth-largest city in Germany) the week after the meeting, there's a nice cypherpunk who'd be willing to show people around for an evening and pay for beers. -- Karsten

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