Notes from "TBB Bundle Update Plan" meeting

Written by Nick a few days later; likely wrong in some important details.

In attendance: Nick M, Mike, Erinn, Sebastian.

Here's what we decided:

Thandy was a good research platform, not a long-term piece of software we want to support.

For TBB 3.0, we should use the Firefox updater. We should audit the Firefox updater for issues, and triage which of Thandy's features we should merge to it. (For example, we might want to sign the metadata file if it isn't signed; timestamp it if it isn't timestamped, add multiple-signature support, and so on.)

We should try to get Thandy's features merged upstream (ideally by somebody who has flamed the firefox people less frequently than mike ;) ).

For other bundles, as we plan to deprecate Vidalia, and as we plan to do our other UI stuff as firefox plugins/exensions, why not ship xulrunner there too and let it be the UI and updater? This would let us have just one updater implementation. This part might be more work. But xulrunner is smaller than vidalia plus all the libraries it needs, so that might be still a good idea.

We must have firefox tell the user about the autoupdate at startup, and give them the option to turn it off, and make sure they can find it.

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