FUNDRAISING Discussion Notes

Funding is moving from 1.2 million per year to potentially 5 millions USD (if everything for has applied to would go fine) 80% of funding is USG, that's a problem, we need to get a plurality of funding sources. Sponsor-F gives long-term funding to solve long term problem fixing issue.

State department fund circumvention tool, trough passthrough organization, but it does provide quite overheads.

We have to focus on internet freedom. 300k for training on country specific issue out of 1.2 million .

Foundations are difficult to deal with due to the need of personal relationships.

Applied to European Funding but no luck, probably because is a US company.

Good news is funding is that there is a RAND study showing how Tor is valuable and central to any issue of Circumvention.

Good stuff is that the latests funding proposal was including also the "Maintenance costs of existing technology", thus reducing the complexity of project structure design with the regards of SOW.

When we need to apply for funding, what fundraiser need from developers is "a roadmap" . It would be useful to have an updated general roadmap of Tor Project.

We would like to work also with other organizations such a Guardian by providing sub-funding, but we must be able to clearly track the deliverables and proceeding.

If we are not able track internally the deliverables/timing, we can't do it with external organizations.

Salaries are not public, because not everyone is comfortable with it. Not even Karen have access to the detailed budget. There's an issue in planning, because there's no clear vision on resource allocation. As note, is not possible to does sub-funding without total transparency on where the money are ending up.

How much mobile development are we going to do? It's important to know, also for external resources that could come, which would be the costs for all the needed hours/week. Now the timesheet are sent to Melissa, it would be nice to have a time/activity reporting facility to fill out the timesheet in accordance with the contracts trough a web application.

We are maintaining a cash reserve of about $300k .

We may also introduce a sort of Bounty program (community driven) to fund specific fixes and/or specific features, much like Horde is doing.

We should think to make fundraising campaigns for specific goals .

Idea to have some kind of additional revenues for services such as training. Training still have some complexity in doing it, spending a lot of time to get the project funded. And now the training is done by the developer.

There should be some need to have some more fundraising effort on Tor, given only Karen is working on it, but EFF does spend between something between 5-510% just for fundraising (source to be checked).

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