Love for volunteers

2013 Summer dev. meeting breakout session about volunteers. How do we invite them? How do we respond to people who wants to help? How do we keep them included?

Possible solutions we discussed:

  • Recognize outreach as an important task.
  • Tor Weekly News should help:
    • recognize volunteers better (credits),
    • more "call for helps",
    • keeping people aware of what's going on when they don't have time to help.
  • Have a "go to" person for volunteers in the project (volunteers@…, might be an alias or RT queue)
  • Encourage pepople to form geographical user groups because working together is more fun. Leverage on the Cryptoparty movement as a first step?
  • Post a list of Trac "easy" bugs and "needs_review" state every month on tor-dev@.
  • "needs_discussion" in Trac so hard decisions
  • Categorize areas of the project where people could volunteers, and have list of tasks and short descriptions.
  • Help people doing volunteer support to better know the current issue?
  • Having material ready to hold booths at conferences or elsewhere.
  • Include volunteers in decision making processes that affect them.
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