This session covered discussions about pluggable transports and censorship resistance.

  • We started by discussing the basics of obfsproxy and pluggable transports.
  • We talked about obfs2, obfs3, flash proxies, OSS, ScrambleSuit, StegoTorus, SWEET, git, ssh, XMPP, bananaphone and some others.
  • Different countries censor differently. There is no "one size fits it all". We exchanged some anecdotal evidence about how China and Iran are censoring.

Problems Around Pluggable Transports

  • Pluggable transports should be composable. Flash proxies, e.g., want to have the traffic obfuscation, obfs3 provides. StegoTorus does not seem to have a functional handshakes and might want to borrow from another transport. Transports might also want to be layered since they all solve different problems. As of now, we don't have a solution
  • As mentioned above, communication is a problem. It is difficult to get an overview of all the current work. The wiki page might help.
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