There are several services which could use love:

  • GetTor: Nobody seems to take care of it but it seems to receive several requests a day. Another problem is that the size of the TBB, GetTor mails is too large for many email providers.
  • Website: There is no dedicated website person but there are several people able to build it. This also contains website translation as well as the blog and the dist/ directory. It would be good to have a small group of people who feel responsible for it.
  • Trac: Trac needs to be updated to the latest Debian stable version. While this alone would be moderately easy, the problem is all the different modules (around 15) we run. It will probably require quite some work to get them running with the upgraded Trac. The process would be to get a dedicated VM with a copy of Trac to play around. Once it works, the database can be put into the new copy.
  • Check: It's a set of different modules. Some of these modules are quite relevant in isolation, others aren't. Nobody is actively maintaining it and its future is also unclear.
  • BridgeDB: Generally, it seems to go well. Some additional features might come such as the ability to sign emails containing bridges as well as the ability to receive encrypted bridge-request-email. Isis is interested in taking over maintaining the codebase as well as the service.
  • bwauth: This service should not be run by the Tor project. A better solution should be found.

On a more general note, it was suggested that unmaintained services should be shut down after a certain period of time. The logic is that if there's nobody willing to take them over, it can't be that important. To prevent this problem, we should take care that people who write code and start projects will also be available to maintain them afterwards. At least for half a year.

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