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     1= Timesheets for engineers =
     3Two types of funding: fixed-cost and cost-reimbursement
     5Rules that come with government funding: includes timesheets
     8  * We don't give you specific directions for how to pick your numbers
     9  * Andrew doesn't clarify ("be accurate!")
     11We specifically don't tell you how to track the time. (If we do specify,
     12we have to justify the plan to our auditors.)
     14Only the ratio of hours to sponsors is used. The absolute numbers are
     15never used.
     17And it's only used to ask our funders for the right amount of money.
     19Part of tor-exec's job is to make all the deliverables for funders broad
     20and overlapping.
     22There exist plenty of other reasons to track hours you spend on task: agile, project
     23management tracking, etc. But those aren't timesheets.
     25You're not supposed to lie ("please say 5 for that day"). But you *can* change your behavior ("please work more hours on SponsorL").
     27The plan:
     28  * Melissa will mail you to tell you what ratios you should do; and please let us know early if you're not going to match those ratios.
     29  * Should we also tell you who else is funded by that same sponsor?
     30  * And/or should we just expose the whole budget to everybody (but using ratios rather than absolute numbers)?