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2013 Summer Dev Meeting


A meeting of the Tor developers and invited guests to discuss the plan, milestones, and deadlines for 2013 and 2014.

Tor will cover your cost if you are pre-approved (send requests to accounting@… or if you are on the Tor Internal mailing list.


Technische Universität München

Room is Seminarraum (H.E. 008) Munich, Germany


Hotel Ibis, Garching, Germany Check in date is 21 July and Check out in 26 July unless you require a change, then contact accounting@… as soon as possible. Breakfast is included with the rooms. Also, we will be sharing rooms unless you send a special request. Close to the Ubahn which can take you to TUM and to Munich.



July 22-23, 24th (free day to explore, hack, whatever) 25th-26th (hack days) 2013


Person Attending (Y|N) Arriving Departing
Erinn Y
Andrea Y July 21 July 26
Roger Y
weasel Y
linus Y
Moritz Y lives here
George Y
Damian M
Melissa Y
Runa Y
Sathya Y
Kelley Y
Sebastian Y
Karsten Y
Melissa Y
Gunner Y


Tor internal dev meetings with the infamous Gunner for the first two days (BOOM). Day off to do whatever and then two hack days.


Lederhosen & dirndls

Where do I buy a goth dirndl? -- Andrea