2013 Winter Dev Meeting


A meeting of the core tor developers and invited guests to discuss the plan, milestones, and deadlines for 2013. Important: If you are not on the Tor-Internal list and have not been previously approved by Andrew or Melissa, then Tor is not planning on covering your expenses.


Boston, MA Meeting location is the Harvard Law School, the Wasserstein Hall, room # 3018. Wasserstein hall is located on the corner of Everett Street and Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, MA. We have the room from 9:00 AM until 5:30 PM.

Dinner is planned for Tuesday March 19th at the Royal East for 6PM. They have a very full menu to accommodate dietary needs.

Meet and Greet: March 18th at Boston University from 6-8PM, Kelley to provide details

Hackfest: March 20th at Boston University,


Le Meridien, 20 Sidney Street, Cambridge, MA


The hotel is very close to the Central Red line T stop. Take the T one stop to Harvard and you will be very close to our meeting room. March 18-19, 2013


Person Attending (Y|N) Arriving Departing Room booked
Erinn Y Mar 16 Mar 21 Y
Runa Y Mar 17 6:45 PM Mar 20 7:00 PM Y
Roger Y Mar 17 17:18 Mar 21 18:16 Y
Andrea Y 16 25 Y,17-20??
Arturo Y Mar 15 (21:05) Mar 21 (20:20) Y
Isis Y 16 22 Y
George Y 15 21 Y
Jacob Y 16 21 Y
Karsten Y 16 20 Y
Linus Y Mar 16 Mar 20 Y
Nick Y lives here N
Damian Y Mar 16 (~6pm) Mar 20 (~6pm) Y
Wendy Y lives here N
Melissa Y lives here N
Andrew Y lives here N
Sathya Y 16, 14:50 21, 22:10 Y
Sina Y Mar 16 Mar 20 Y
Sebastian Y 16 20 Y
Weasel N
Kelley Y lives here N
Paul S. Y* Mar 18, 7:30 BOS Mar 19, 20:30 BOS Booked by Paul
Rob J. Y* Mar 17, 2000 Mar 21, 0900 Booked by Paul
Aaron J. Y* Booked by Paul
Mike Y Y, 17-20
Moritz Y 15th, 14:25 BOS 21st, 21:10 BOS Y
Steven N
Alex Y* Mar 18 (~midnight) Mar 21 (7 am) Y
Philipp N
Aaron G. Y Mar 16 Mar 21 Y
Ingy N Y
Sukhbir Y March 16 March 21 (afternoon) Y
Kathy B. Y Mar 17 pm Mar 20 am Y
Mark S. N
David Y Mar 19 am Mar 21 pm Y
Tom Y Mar 17, bright and early Mar 21, afternoon Y
Nima Y Mar 19 Mar 21 Y

Y*=Depending on rapidly evolving travel policies.


18 March

Breakfast on site at !9:30

10:00 State of the Tor Project - Andrew

10:30 open

12:30 Lunch on-site

13:00 open

18:00 BU Meet and Greet

19 March

Breakfast on site at !9:30

10:00 open

12:30 Lunch on-site

13:00 open

18:00 Royal East Dinner for attendees (I have a reservation for 30 people)

20 March

BU Open Hackfest

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