A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines and other important matters. Hopefully we'll have public outreach and community events too.

Week at a glance

  • Mon, Jun 30th 10:30 - 18:00: People contributing to funded projects meet to set milestones and deadlines
  • Tue, Jul 1st 9:30 - 18:00: More of what we did on Monday
  • Wed, Jul 2nd 11:00(?) - 18:00: Beginning of developer/development meeting and hackfest, transitioning to Thu/Fri
  • Thu, Jul 3rd 10:00 - 18:00: Developer/development meeting and hackfest: breakout sessions, hacking, working, conversations, and more breakout sessions
  • Thu, Jul 3rd 18:00: Possible evening talk at Mozilla -- if it happens it will be opened to the public and recorded for streaming.
  • Fri, Jul 4th 10:00 - 18:00: More of what we did on Thursday

Monday and Tuesday will be facilitated by everybody's favorite Gunner, whereas Thursday and Friday we will self-organize.

Friday evening, La Quadrature du Net is having their Quadr'apéro at their office. Tor crowd is welcome. Bring drinks and food.

The weekend after it (July 5 and 6) is the Tails HackFest. It is a public, open event, and you're warmly welcome!


Daytime activities will be at Mozilla Paris Offices - 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France
Because of Mozilla's access control on the building, you will need to be on our invite list in order to get in. Please contact us early to make sure everything goes smoothly for you!

A few important notes about arriving at Mozilla:
First, please let Roger or Kelley know if you have not already done so if you plan to join for any part of the week.
Second, when you arrive you will come up to a heavy door then to an iron gate - ring the buzzer for both and someone will let you in.
Third, after walking through the gates you will come to Mozilla's door on the right (signs to show you the way) ring the buzzer the people at the reception desk will let you in. From here you will be directed to the meeting space.

Please be patient, especially on the first day, as we work through the logistics with entering the building. Also please be respectful of this historic building - if you have questions regarding smoking, etc. please ask.

Submitting Expenses

Per Melissa's email, if you have been approved to submit expenses from attending the dev meeting please use the form below and send it along with all receipts to accounting@….  Items will not be reimbursed without receipts.  Reimbursable expenses include taxis, food, and lodging - alcohol is not to be charged back to Tor for reimbursement.


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending Monday/Tuesday Attending Thursday/Friday Attending Tails hackfest Arriving Departing Have lodging sorted out
Aaron G Y Y Y Y shared (2)
Aaron Johnson Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y
Amogh Pradeep N Y ? ? ? ?
Andrea Y Y Y? Jun 29 7:55 AM Jul 7 11:00 AM Y shared
Andrew Y N N Jun 30 Jul 03 Y
Arlo Y Y N Jun 28 Jul 5 Y
Arturo Y Y Y Y Y Y shared (2)
boklm Y Y Y Y shared (1)
Bryan Ford Y Y Y July 2 July 6 N
"Chandler" Operator N Y N Jun 30 Jul 5 Y
codermange N Y Y Jul 1 Jul 7 Y
Collin Tuesday, Hopefully Y Unknown Y shared
David F. N Y N Jul 1 Jul 10 Y
David S Y Y Y? Jun 29 Jul 6 Y shared
David Wolinsky N Y Y July 2 Jul 7 Y shared (1)
dgoulet Y Y Y Jun 29 Jul 7 Y shared (3)
evilaliv3 (tor2web) N Y Y Jul 2 Jul 6 N
Finkel Y Y N June 28 Jul 6 Y shared (2)
Florian Quèze Tuesday only Thursday only N ? ? ?
Fredrik S N Y Y Jul 2 Jul 7 Y
Gangadhar N Y Y ? ? Y
Georg Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y
George Y Y Y Jun 26 Jul 06 Y shared (2)
Giorgio Maone N Y Y Jul 3 Jul 6 Y
Giovanni C. N Y N Jul 2 Jul 4 Y
Griffin Y Y Y Jun 29 Jul 9th Y shared (2)
harmony N Y N Jul 2 Jul 4 Y
infinity0 Y Y Y Jun 29 ? Y shared (3)
intrigeri Maybe Y Y Jun 29 Jul 7 Y
isis Y Y Maybe Y Y Y
Jacob Y Y Y Jun 29 Jul 7 Y
Jeff N Y 5th only Jun 29 Jul 6 Y
Juha N Y N July 2 July 6 Y
Karsten Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y
Kelley Y Y N Jun 28 Jul 6 Y
Kostas N Y N Jul 1 Jul 6 AM Y
Leiah Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y
Leif Y Y Y? Jun 29 Jul 6 Y shared
Linus Y Y N Jun 29 Y
Lunar Y Y N Jun 25 Jul 4 Y
MC N Y Y Jul 2 Jul 7 Y
Mike Perry Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 ???
mjuarez N Y Maybe Jul 1 Jul 5 Y
mo ? Y ? Jun 28 Jul 6 Y shared
naif N Y Y Jul 2 Jul 6 N
NextGen$ N Y Y Jul 2 ? Y shared (3?)
Nick Hopper Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 4 PM Y
Nick Mathewson Y Y maybe Jun 29 am Jul 6 am y
Nikita Borisov Maybe Y N Jun 30 Jul 5 Y
Ola N Y N Jul 4
Pepijn Y Y N June 29 July 5 Y shared (3)
Rob Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y
Roger Y Y Y Jun 28 Jul 7 Y
torland N Y N July 1 Jul 6 Y shared (1)
Virgil Griffith N Y ? July 1 July 5 Y shared
vmon Y Y Y Jun 30 AM Jul 6 AM Y shared
Wizzup (Merlijn) N Y N July 2 Jul 5 Y shared (3)
Yan N Y ? July 2 July 5? Y
Yawning Y Y N Jun 29 Jul 5 Y shared (1)
Zack N Y Y local local Y
Chaosticly(0xB8B79BF5) NA NA NA local local Y

If you need funding for travel, be sure to mail travel@… with an estimate of your costs and (if applicable) a reminder about why you're a great person to be there.

This year people are on their own for lodging logistics, since there is no adequate hotel that will fit all of us. Check out,, and for help on finding lodging. I encourage you to self-organize using the space below if you want to coordinate airbnb or other group housing.

Some of us have organised shared houses for June 29 - July 06. Currently 24/24 places have been filled (marked "Y shared"). Email tor-assistants if you want any of the remaining places, or alternatively you can see if anyone else above (marked "N shared") might be interested in getting another one with you. If you are listed as "Y shared" but you don't want your place, please email tor-assistants.

What's the deal with Monday/Tuesday? Should I attend?

The Monday and Tuesday part of the week will be a smaller group of people just buckling down to get better synchronized on our various funded projects. Gunner will help us focus on brainstorming and committing to milestones and deliverables. If you are a current contributor to these projects, we will be pleased to have you there even if you're not an employee/contractor. But if you want to learn how to get involved in Tor, or how to start contributing to these projects, your best bet is to join us starting on Wednesday.

Projects we'd like to nail down specifics on:

but this is not intended to be a complete list -- we have a bunch of internal projects that we need to get organized too.

Day One: Monday, 30 June 2014

On the first day, a 1-2 year roadmap/timeline for some of the projects listed above was created. A giant, really huge, really long image of the roadmap is available, as well as the individual pictures of each section. We have transcribed many of them at org/meetings/2014SummerDevMeeting/Roadmaps.

In addition, everyone outlined what they wished to see accomplished in the first two days of this meeting, as well as immediate next steps for conversations and/or further organisation work needed to achieve these goals.

Arturo also drew some diagrams outlining specific community organisation goals for OONI and related network/censorship measurement projects.

After that, many smaller organisational meetings occurred, mostly consisting of who needs to do what and when. So far, there are no known notes taken during these smaller meetings.

Day Two: Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day Five: Friday, 4 July 2014

Don't forget PETS!

Just a few weeks later in Amsterdam (July 16-18) will be the 2014 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, where all the world experts on anonymous communication gather each year. So if we don't see you in Paris, hopefully we will see you in Amsterdam!

Unconference Sessions

  1. Re-assessment of communication channels between the TBB team and the support team.
  2. Path selection changes: choosing guards, using trust, being network-aware
  3. Trying Trusted Tor Traceroutes: updates and next steps in developing a system for understanding routing into and out of Tor
  4. Next steps for global circuit and socket scheduling
  5. Outreach & advocacy planning
  6. Usability & accessibility of user-facing components Griffin can lead this discussion
  7. Promoting more respectful collaborative environment
  8. Sponsor O - Documentation, Training and Outreach - where we are now, where we are going, what we need help with
  9. There were quite some questions about how to setup a relay on tor-relay. Information is spread over and external sites like with Moritz excellent guide. It would be good to have one place on
  10. How to setup a secure relay? Let relay operators learn from authority operators
  11. Diagnostics and rapid response to Tor blocking -- collecting the data needed to forewarn and remedy attempts to restrict access to the network.
  12. Tor Messenger: current status and plans for the coming 12 months (should happen on Tuesday, so that Florian can attend)
  13. Datagram Tor: peel off the scabs of this painful memory and see what a path forward looks like. Intended outcomes include a roadmap for the technologies required to integrate into a functional whole, particularly around userspace stream transport stacks and portability. codermange could lead this discussion
  14. Qubes Tor: Tor VM on Qubes is a preliminary effort. Intended outcomes include inspiring Qubes advocates to assist with the maintenance and expansion of early Tor in Qubes approaches. Specifically, this means an updated Tor VM template, with App VMs for Tor Browser and Tor IM using upstream transparent Tor VM, and the ability to easily configure App VMs serving content as hidden services. codermange could lead this discussion
  15. Hidden Service Reliability/Scalability: This has been a long meandering thread of proposals on tor-dev. Intended outcomes include coming to agreement on the necessary proposal elements and producing a proposal document incorporating this most recent abridgement of technical specification. Preliminary proof-of-concept work would also be distributed to support decisions so agreed upon. (e.g. leveraging namecoin resolution to many-onions as load distribution method avoiding specific onion rendezvous hotspots)
  16. #1 Pond Fans: Intended outcomes include a one-stop-shop script for bootstrapping a working pond client on the common distributions, especially Tails images. Right now, it is way too hard to use pond and this must change! codermange could lead this discussion
  17. Define a process on how new support assistants can be accepted in the team (#10966) (Lunar) notes
  18. Tor Weekly News after it's first year: how has it been? how about the future? (Lunar? harmony?)
  19. Prepare a Tor Weekly News reader survey (Lunar? harmony?)
  20. Website Fingerprinting defenses in Tor: discussion on existing strategies (and propose new ones) to defend from website fingerprinting attacks in the Tor network.
  21. Pluggable Transports - Discussion on upcoming transports (how should meek be deployed), the already suggested proposals, next steps, etc.
  22. Single Guard Node proposal - Current state of implementation. ETA for completion. Plans for deployment. Next steps?
  23. Bridging the gap: Let's find more ways for the Tor Browser to get bridge relays
  24. -- Hidden Service search engine. How it works and how it can be made better.
  25. BridgeDB and future bridge distribution channels. What kinds of future bridge distributors can one expect to see and how are they going to work? Possibly some discussion about a proposed future bridgedb-API.
  26. Data visualization
  27. Shadow - An overview and walk-through
  28. What to do at 31c3? What about Noisysquare? Should we ask for a devroom at the next FOSDEM? (Lunar)
  29. Domain fronting (how meek works) (David).
  30. The TorPath paper to appear at HotPETS proposes a mechanism to choose Tor paths collectively, such that path selection is verifiably random but no one (even the client) knows which path a particular circuit takes. Such a mechanism would be optional and coexist with current client-driven path selection methods. There are at least three potentially interesting applications for collective path selection: (a) to provide tamper-resistant end-to-end bandwidth/effort measurement as the paper discusses; (b) to reduce the path length from clients to hidden services from the current 6 relays to 3-4 relays total without reducing anonymity; and (c) enabling Open Wireless mechanisms were I can let anyone get on the Internet through my home network, but using Tor in a way that both protects me from wireless abusers, and protects users of my wireless network from me (and everyone else). Anyone interested in discussing, find Bryan Ford, or if there's enough interest we can schedule a session.
  31. Keysigning - Send your fingerprints in advance to Lunar, otherwise you won't be part of it.
  32. Tails Q&A - All you ever wanted to know about Tails, live!
  33. Tor Challenge - What is it? How can I become involved? Why should I care?
  34. Read-only USB Flash Drives

Ordered By Time:

Session Name (Number) Facilitator Notes
03 July 13:00 CEST
Reassess TBB-Support Team Communication channels (1) Georg/Lunar/Mike?
BridgeDB and future bridge distribution channels (26) isis/sysrqb
Consolidate Relay Configuration Documentation (9) ???
03 July 14:15 CEST
Datagram Tor (13) Codermange?/Yawning?
Tor Messenger (12) Arlo
03 July 15:30 CEST
Qubes Tor (14) Codermange?
Domain fronting (how meek works) (30) David
03 July 16:45 CEST
Shadow (28) Rob
Website Fingerprinting defenses in Tor (21) Mike/NickH?
What should Tor do at the upcoming conferences? (28) Lunar
04 July 11:00 CEST
Tails Q&A (32) Tails developers
04 July 12:00 CEST
Keysigning (31) Lunar
04 July 13:00 CEST
Tor Path selection changes (2) / Single Guard Node proposal (23) Nickm/George/NickH/Mike?
Onboarding New Support Assistant (17) Lunar org/meetings/2014SummerDevMeeting/SupportDiscussion
Data Visualization (27) MC
Read-Only USB Flash Drive
04 July 14:15 CEST
Hidden Service Reliability/Scalability (15) George?
Pond (16) Codermange/Jacob
Tor Challenge (31) Dan
Tor Weekly News (18/19) Lunar/Harmony? minutes
Usability & accessibility (6) Griffin
04 July 15:30 CEST
Next steps for global circuit and socket scheduling (4) Andrea/Nickm/Rob?
Diagnostics and rapid response to Tor blocking (11) Arturo/Aaron?
Pluggable Transports (22) George/David/Yawning?
Bridging the gap (24) isis/Georg?/Mike?
Sponsor O, Funder Outreach & Advocacy Planning (5 + 8) Kelley
04 July 16:45 CEST
Trying Trusted Tor Traceroutes (3) Aaron Johnson / Nikita
How to setup a secure relay (10) Moritz?
Promoting more respectful collaborative environment (7) (27) Juha/George?
Collective Path Selection (30) Bryan Ford

Ordered by Session Number:

Proposed Session Number Facilitator Date Time Notes
1 Georg/Lunar/Mike? 03 June 13:00 CEST
2 Nickm/George/NickH/Mike? 04 June 13:00 CEST
3 04 June 16:45 CEST
4 Andrea/Nickm/Rob? 04 June 14:15 CEST
5 Kelley 04 July 15:30 CEST
6 Griffin? 04 June 14:15 CEST
7 04 June 16:45 CEST
8 Kelley 04 July 15:30 CEST
9 03 June 13:00 CEST
10 Jacob/Mike/Linus? 04 June 16:45 CEST
11 04 June 14:15 CEST
12 03 June 13:00 CEST
13 Codermange?/Yawning? 03 June 14:15 CEST
14 Codermange? 03 June 15:30 CEST
15 George? 04 June 15:30 CEST
16 Codermange? 04 June 15:30 CEST
17 Lunar 04 June 13:00 CEST org/meetings/2014SummerDevMeeting/SupportDiscussion
18/19 Lunar/Harmony? 04 June 14:15 CEST
20 04 June 15:30 CEST
21 Mike/NickH? 03 June 16:45 CEST
22 George/David/Yawning? 04 June 14:15 CEST
23 George/Nickm/Roger/NickH? 03 June 15:30 CEST
24 isis/Georg?/Mike? 04 June 14:15 CEST
25 Juha/George? 03 June 13:00 CEST
26 isis/sysrqb 03 June 13:00 CEST
27 Pepijn 04 June 13:00 CEST
28 Rob 03 June 16:45 CEST
30 David 03 June 15:30 CEST

To Do

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Resources on how to have good meetings

On consensus building and how to have great discussions:

How to deter the bad and handle the ugly in otherwise good meetings

At past conferences it has been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist with or arrange transport for individuals or small groups of any nature who would otherwise feel uncomfortable traveling by themselves. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist with emergencies at primary residences (there are three dev houses?) which are not managed hotel facilities. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist where open bar or other ethanol based beverages are served and tamper prevention / excess control are useful. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and native speaking individual to assist with any law enforcement emergencies that arise to travelers otherwise unfamiliar with how to proceed having become survivor to a crime including physical or sexual assaults or significant thefts. codermange is able assist with this effort. Griffin doesn't speak French, but is happy to escort people as needed.

Extra-curricular events

If you're reading this from the paris2014 mailing list please make changes here directly going forward!

  • Tor Ukulele Club - Wanted: suggestions on time, place, and which punk and/or melodic death metal songs sound best on ukes. currently thinking Wednesday afternoon in a park, but that's rather hot. also Andrew Jackson Jihad sounds pretty amazing on ukuleles. [EDITOR: agreed :]
  • Drinking Chocolate Challenge - A quest to find the most delicious drinking chocolate. This will require studious research with field sampling a plenty.
  • Android Hackfest - Elevating privileges always entertaining. If you're a fan of r00ting Android and mobile 0day then join the after hours fun!
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