Chat-based support

Abstract: Do we do it? if so, how?


Current state:

  • huge backlog of farsi requests; current support people cleared the queue
  • current support people want to continue on
  • chat support; hours?
  • help individual users to help their specific issues
    • schedule help in advance
    • negotiate time with users for dedicated tech support
    • tokens for invitations
  • quality of support matters
  • quality of documentation to help users matters
  • feedback loops through documentation
  • perhaps incorrect incentives if users are paying for support
    • does this fund tor the org or the individual tor support person
  • does this need project management or operations management?
    • project is to deliver a web interface for xmpp/chat
    • dedicated chat server on tor infrastructure
    • users have a web interface accessible via https
    • backend xmpp server done
    • webchat software is working
    • need code for the access system (opening hours or token system)
    • need unit tests and release process for the new code

Idea: support through email already works very well. Instead of doing chat-based support with opening hours, how about switching to instant based messaging only when needed? The support team would have the possibility to issue an invitation to users in trouble when they feel the need for a faster feedback loop.


  • support people more happy if we have way to chat with users
  • support people like invitation-based idea to webchat, around end of march 2014
  • charging money for support needs more development, by Q2 (needs dev to work on it)
  • if we don't do the invitation based system, we need determine opening hours for support to commit to be available
  • dedicated support chat/support plans available for paid annual support plans?
  • support versus training needs and delineations
  • current people are already working on the chat system
  • the software used for chat-based support could support voice and video through WebRTC
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