DRL Relaunch

Abstract: Get contracts, timeframes, and roles nailed down.

Current state

TIMBB resurrection

  • dropping pidgin due to security issues
  • arlo and sukhbir investigated various instant messaging options, decided on instantbird
  • have a job desc for TIMBB; torlauncher, torbirdy, https everywhere, instantbird, keep or split up?

Help Desk & Documentation

  • current have a help desk
  • answering all questions in 24h or less
  • work to organize support team
  • voice or video support requirement could be issue; office hours? known people?
  • how to handle illegal questions? and how to get report on quantity
  • getting reports out of the rt system
  • Documentation improvements
    • sub-wikis exist
    • train the trainer/partnerships with other training orgs (with specifics to tor)
    • outreach; where to the target audience hang out, how to reach them (use existing orgs)

Point-click-publish hidden services

  • define the scope
  • general hidden service improvements
  • working on implementation plan with use cases and integration
  • easy to deploy hidden services
  • long-term maintenance and growth of the results

Next steps

  • kelley owns timelines for documentation
  • lunar owns timelines for help desk
  • karsten helps manage all
  • create tickets for all tasks
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