Interteam Coordination

Abstract: How to be more transparent, and how to build trust. Also, how can we better handle the fact that we are 40 people working on 30 projects?

Current State

  • IRC
  • email lists
  • voice calls
  • video calls
  • lack of data exchange between mediums
  • single points of contact (spoke/hub models where spokes get very overloaded)
  • point to point contacts (make it easy to find people)
  • file sharing as needed in multiple ways (git/wiki)
  • multiple formats/repositories of documentation (developer-friendly vs. non-dev-friendly)


  • tor xmpp server on tor infrastructure
    • not federated
    • tied to tor's LDAP directory
    • hidden service address
  • mumble server on tor infrastructure
  • capture meetings as notes to wiki or mailing list
  • piratepad server on tor infra
  • team reports instead of all individual reports to tor-reports list
  • weekly reports?
  • every other week reports?
  • differing working styles and apprehension about bringing up issues with different people
  • identity points of contact between teams

List of proposals

  1. conflict resolution plan/process
  2. identify point of contact between teams
  3. ultimate, everything comes to Andrew and he bridges teams/people
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