Roadmap for the Tor Instant Messaging Bundle

Abstract: See Arlo's plan?. How do we put it in action?


  • For this discussion, we'll assume that Arlo and Sukhbir are going to work on TIMB, even though there is still an open job posting to find somebody to work on it (in addition to doing other stuff).


  • Produce bundles with Instantbird, but without OTR support and not using the deterministic build infrastructure. #10949
  • Integrate bundles into deterministic build infrastructure. #10942
  • Implement back-end part of OTR patch for Instantbird with the goal to get it merged upstream. #10210
  • Implement user-interface part of OTR patch for Instantbird, also with the goal to get it merged upstream. #10938
  • Add Instantbird support for Tor Launcher. This has already been merged in #9984.
  • Write a patch to disable logging and get it merged upstream. We'll want to use different defaults in our build than the average Instantbird user would want to use. #10939
  • Add translations that we need. Instantbird already contains translations into 14 languages, but support for right-to-left was only added recently by Nima. We'll want to add translations we promised to sponsor O, and we'll want to add strings and translations for the UI elements we add. #10945
  • Remove libpurple as dependency, and remove it from our builds. #10937
  • Write documentation, so that support team won't get overrun by support requests. #10947
  • Make TIMB and TBB/PTTBB cooperate in a smarter way. For example, there shouldn't be two tor processes running when starting both bundles. This is something that might be left as future work. Though, even without this task, TIMB should be smart enough to not break when TBB is running at the same time. #10950

Q1/2014 Milestone

  • Arlo and Sukhbir think it's realistic to get the first task ("Produce bundles with Instantbird, but without OTR support and not using the deterministic build infrastructure") done by March 31, 2014. The goal would be to put up experimental builds.

Next steps

  • Arlo and Sukhbir are going to make tickets for all tasks listed above that don't have tickets yet. They're trying to do this on Tuesday.
  • Sukhbir will update the roadmap wiki page with the updates we discussed today. He's trying to do this today (Monday).
  • Karsten is going to rename the wiki page using his Trac super powers, so that the page URL doesn't say Otter anymore. He's going to wait for Sukhbir to update the wiki page first.
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