Suggestions for the next dev. meeting:

  • Have action list we can email each others at the end of each sessions.
  • Preparing the schedule beforehands kinda work better than the sticky notes model. Start to think of the sessions weeks before the meeting start.
  • Longer breaks.
  • Add a “mandatory” item in the ranking sheet on top of “i would not attend”.
  • Meetings should not start before the end of hotel breakfast.
  • Having a conflict-resolution person.
  • Have a day of meeting, day of hacking, day of meeting, day of hacking.
  • Have group activities like hikes.
  • Group sessions into short sessions (45 min.?) and longer sessions (75 min.)?
  • Two hours lunch break.
  • Send tips about how to have productive discussions, consensus building strategies before the meeting.
  • Have the report backs only be the action items from the break-out sessions.
  • Dedicated mailing list for the meeting.
  • Having a room for us in the hotel to hang out is great.
  • Always start preparing the next dev. meeting before the current one ends.
  • Print transit maps.
  • Send climate reminders.

ACTION: Request for comments on a plan on tor-internal.

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