Discussion between the support team and the Tor Browser team to solve various issues where that depends on one another.

Communication between TBB team and support team

mttp will be attending weekly TBB meetings; other members of the support team can also attend.

The TBB team is going to be send the changelog of an upcoming release before doing the final builds to the tor-qa mailing list.

ACTION: Make it mandatory for support people to subscribe to the tor-qa@. (Lunar)

A tbb-dev mailing list is going to be created. Support will be able to ask technical questions there.

All TBB components on Trac are going to be merged… except maybe Tor Launcher which is also going to be used be TIMB (and TorBirdy Bundle?). This should help support look up bugs that have already been reported.

The Tor Browser User Manual

The support team is going to turn the short user manual into the Tor Browser User Manual that is going to be shiped with the Tor Browser. The TBB team will be responsible for ensuring that this manual is up-to-date: new features that affect the user experience are required to update the manual before being merged.

ACTION: Request a Tor Browser User Manual Git repository. (Lunar)

ACTION: Create a ticket describing the task of turning the short user manual into the Tor Browser User Manual. (Lunar)

The Tor Browser User Manual will probably be split later because there will be common sections between the Tor Browser and the Tor Instant Messenger that can be factored out.

Known issues

The Tor Browser User Manual will contain a “known issues” section. When TBB developers release a feature with a known deficiency it will be documented there. Support team will add issues that are discovered after releases by sorting out user queries. As part of its release process, the TBB team will remove entries that are fixed by a new release. Every now and them, the support team should remove older issues that are not linked with a ticket. If user starts complaining again then the support team can add it back.

The known issue list will be linked from the download page.

The manual will have a section on how to get support. A link to that document will replace the help desk email addresses in Tor Launcher. That section will ask users to read the list of known issues.

The blog posts announcing new releases of TBB will have a copy/paste of the known issue list.

The help desk should have an automated reply with the list and other information.


All of this should be reassessed in Paris.

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