Support for external software using Tor

Abstract: Tor is not only used in software developed by the Tor Project. How does the Tor help desk handle them? How can the help desk makes it easier for external projet?


External projects prosent: The Guardian Project (Orbot) and GlobaLeaks.

Nathan was originally front line of support for Guardian apps before the support was switched from tor-assistants@ to RT.

Tor help desk has already too much work and Lunar is trying to find more efficient processes both for users and for the support team.

Lunar: we currently answer basic questions on user end products. We don't help people with hidden services for example. You are a censored user, we help you come online but not much more than that. We encourage people to reach to community and read documentation.

Two big answers:

  • For browsing, use TBB.
  • For anything else, use Tails.

Some members of the help desk have experience with Android devices. This does not cover all the languages supported by the help desk.

The Guardian project officially supports a couple more languages than English. Farsi and Arabic are amongst them from volunteers.

There are also global help desk like Frontline. One thing help desks can do is to train people of Frontline type.

For Orbot, in censored regions, what happens is that people go to the app store, they see Orbot, but they can't download it. Then they just press the button "send a message to developers" which result in an empty message to the help desk. So a good reply to an empty message is a link to download it from the Guardian's website.

For GlobaLeaks support, the client base isn't as big as Orbot. Part of the problems are not dealt by GlobaLeaks folks but the groups who have set up GlobaLeaks. Sometimes like when the botnet was active, problems go out of hands though.

We need to have alerts that show that something is wrong. Unfortunately, the bulk of known issues is in the intersection of Moritz, Roger and Nick's heads. Hidden services started failing when fixing things to cope with the botnet but no body knew about it beside Roger.

We are somewhat missing a “support knowledge base”. We could use Stack Exchange more like for that purpose now that the main security concerns are solved for users of the Tor Browser.

How about a mailing list only for people doing support? Roger: why not use tor-talk?

For users, auto-response is a good thing to send them to some resources and then the second email will be dealt. Lunar will look into it for the Tor help desk.

There 50 orbot related answer that we should send to Stack Exchange and keep it there restart.

  • Nathan use tor-talk more often for general Orbot related questions.
  • Nathan will put more questions and answers on Stack Exchange. There are 50 usual questions to put there.
  • Blog comments are horrible as in interface but everyone sees it. We might need to advertise Stack Exchange more, as a proper replacement. See also #10080.
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