Sort out TBB communication channels

Abstract: Clean up Trac components? Dedicated mailing list?

Issues to address

  • reduce support load by communicating earlier
  • communicating better with users with updated documentation
  • communicating amongst ourselves with regards to the release process
  • learn how to update known issues list
  • passive communication with regards to commits, trac, etc
  • communication with other tor people

Ideas for passive communication

  • collapse all TBB components on trac into one component to rule them all
  • assign all tickets to a group by default & then reassign
  • have a 'component owner' that is actually a mailing list (#9555)
  • send tbb-related commits (including personal repos?) to tbb-commits@ (#9556)
    • (ideally you'd be able to subscribe to filters in general, but this isn't trying to solve the general case)
  • understand tags and whether there is standardization around their usage (design doc)
  • adding information on how to report bugs to tor in the new ticket interface -- i.e., Clippy-esque "I see you're reporting a bug about TBB. Here's a page with more information about how to do that in a useful way for developers"

Ideas for active communication with support

  • calendar with planned features and known issues
  • support-team-private@… best contact (deprecated, see SupportAndTorBrowserTeamsMeeting)
    • pending releases, workarounds for bugs
  • better communication *from* support team about severity/frequency of bugs
  • would be nice of support could escalate tickets, either according to difficulty of answering or according to popularity (see SupportAndTorBrowserTeamsMeeting)

Communication within the TBB team

  • weekly meetings w/ little-t-tor people and TBB people
  • alert tor-qa@ whenever there's a new build tag

Action items

  • DONE decide which mailing lists we want for sure, then talk to Karsten & Damian
  • collapse TBB components and beautify/sort/tag/reassign/etc
  • decided to alert tor-qa@ new build tags & changelog for support team
  • weekly meetings w/ little-t-tor people, TBB people, and a support delegate
  • DONE create tbb-dev@ mailing list TBB development issues as well support escalation for TBB issues (#10973)
  • begin making public Known Issues again (blog post, automated email, dl page)
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