Tor office in Berlin

Abstract: The Tor Project has many hackers in Berlin and others parts of Europe. We should open an office in Europe. There are funding proposals that would like a Tor Project Europe before they'll be able to fund or partner with us directly, some folks wish to do so rather than with a partner org. In practice, we have a few people already getting together for hack sessions in Berlin but the space is not sustainably part of the Tor community, we could discuss ideas for growth in Europe


  • Tor staff in Berlin
    • Lunar said he would come to Berlin a couple of weeks per semester
    • Andrea said she is thinking of moving to Germany
    • Also Isis indicates 3 additional core developers have said they will move to Berlin and work there, but she is not comfortable indicating their names.
  • Office
    • a budget for an office that can accommodate (several) people.
    • Jake requests a Letter for Tor Project to City of Berlin, which would be helpful.
  • Budget
    • 100 sq meters = 10 x 10 sq meters
    • Tactical Tech might get 1,000 sq feet from the City of Berlin
  • Alternative organization
    • Melissa indicated that even if TorProject starts a new organization, it will likely be regarded as a rollup under Tor US for taxes.
    • Jake and Aaron: Fork of Tor. European organization. Melissa: would need to be a separate legal entity. Should make a trademark agreement to use the Tor logo.
    • Pepin proposes Tor gives an initial seed grant to start a company called Tor Europe. It pays Tor Europe to have a separate Board of Directors. If you have a similar Board, then you control that organization.
    • Jake and others propose that the Tor Project become self-sustainable financially as soon as possible.
    • According to Pepin and Moritz, their legal experience with european laws allows an American corporation to own a subsidiary but yet it can be considered independent from a european legal standpoint.
    • A foundation has offered up to $100,000 towards a true european tor company.
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