Tor on mobile operating systems

Abstract: We should produce tor binaries and libraries for mobile platforms (android, ios, windows mobile) on which the rest of the world can build, extend, and enhance.


  • Nathan summarized Orbot, Tor’s mobile app
  • Android 75% of smartphone market (needs citation)
    • works and works fine
    • Orbot has 2 million downloads
    • 500,000 active users (based on google play tracking installed base)
    • Nathan seeks 10m users on Android not 2m
  • Nokia
    • 8% of smartphone market (needs citation)
    • Windows phone
    • was working but their OSes have died form mainstream
    • Linux basis made it easy to port
  • Apple
    • 17% of smartphone market, but includes upscale users
    • the big gorilla
    • Tor on iOS, was basically a command line utility
    • Requires a jailbroken iOS phone
    • The TorBorwser app has emerged from
    • On iOS we have OnionBorwser
    • Has not been accepted by Tor
    • On iOS Onionbrowser can only have one app open at a time
    • ChatSecureiOS - chat app that opens up
    • When you switch between applications
    • ChatSecureiOS
    • Nathan plans to add VoIP to ChatSecure to make it an always awake app
    • Nathan has built the NY State legislative app - they wanted more maps. Nathan provides this as an example of how arbitrary Apple app acceptance can be.
    • Onion Browser works- does not provide anonymity, but provides censorship defense
  • Blackberry
    • Maybe not a player anymore
    • Has an android simulator
    • Orchid
  • Jollaphone
    • Nokia making a cool new app
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • FirefoxOS
  • China Status
    • Orbot supports obfs2 which does not work in China
    • Bridge distribution: Nathan would like to do better bridge pushes
    • Bridge pushes can be difficult in mobile
    • Also getting Orbot into stores that are available in China
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